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Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Day at MTC

Hi Familia,

How are you?  I am good.  I just finished my first day in the MTC.  It is so hard.  I walked in and got my ID and got my badge/name tag.  Then I was escorted to my class and the spanish lesson began.  After that I went to like new missionary orientation.  We Got talked to by the MTC presidnet and his wilfe as well as the counselors and their wives.  It was cool and very spiritual. Then we went to dinner which was just like the Cannon Center.  It was good.  I saw some friends from college.  It is weird not calling them by their first name everyone is elder or sister somebody.  It is going to be weird to get used to that.  After dinner we went into these rooms and they put on role play scenarios and then they asked us to comment and take notes.  I saw Mithcell there, excuse me Elder LeBlanc.  Then we came back to our rooms and unpacked. Oh! My companion's name is Elder (Josh Allen) Peterson.  He is nice.  He is from Orem.  I share a room with Elders Williams and Miller.  Elder Miller and I are going to the same mission.  Elder Peterson is going to Honduras and so is Elder Williams, but to different missions.  Everyone is so nice here.  If you are new you get an orange sticker on your name tag so everyone knows you are new.  But everyone I walk by always said "Welcome Elder" it is pretty cool. The Spirit is very strong here, its nice.  Well it's almost 10:30 so I got to go to bed, but I am ready.  It's been a long day and I am exhausted.  I love you all and will talk to you later!

Elder Yates

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