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Friday, May 31, 2013

Birthday Shanannigans.

I am sure that my family is having. Mother is 1 year older and wiser too (I think she turned 21) and Ry is 19. Write them and tell them Happy Birthday!!

This past week has been great. We are still working hard with Marisol. I just want her to get baptized while I'm here and I will be happy. I feel there are a few people the Lord has prepared for me while I'm here to baptize and she is one of them. Keep praying for her because I think we are close! Just a few more little pushes and she'll be on the right path to our Father in heaven.
We are also planning a baptizm this Sunday for a little niño named Marcos. He's pilas. His mother is a member for the past 3 years but hasn't gone to church and this Sunday she came! It was great to see them there. We are planning his baptizm for this Sunday.
We have met lots and lots of crazy people this week. It was a week of crazies. I promise. Fat guys that dated the secratary of Ronald Reagan and old ladies that cast out devils. Guatemalas got them all. Poor Elder Smith probably doesn't know what to think but I am just helping him get more accostumed to the lovely people here in Guatemala. I know that he is going to love it just as much as I do. :)
The rain is coming in full force everyday now. I bought an umbrella that is keeping me nice and dry and I have started putting 2 pairs of socks on so my toes are nice and warm. Torrents are falling from the sky. ohhhhhhh the rain. Will I miss it? Only time will tell. haha.
Welp, that was my week. I guess it doesn't seem as cool as I thought it did. But, it WAS a good week. I promise. I pray that each of you has a great week and starts off great the month of June. It's going to be a great month. :) Bear your testimony on Sunday! As my wise Grandmother always says, you should never pass up a moment to bear your testimony. I know I'll be bearing mine on Sunday! Thanks Grma!! Have a great week and laugh everyday. Angry people die young.
Elder Yates

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well, I had twins‏

and I'm pretty sure they are faternal twins. :) hahah

 Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. My comapnions are Elder Smith from Utah and Elder Coyoy from Xela (here in Guatemala) so things are going great. It's weird having two children, especially when one can't speak the English and the other can't speak Spanish. Language barrier and I'm the beloved translator, but it's great. It's going to be such a fun last change.
Elder Coyoy is from here, and he is waiting for his visa to go to Argentina but the visas from Argentina are so common so he may be here for a while. :)
Today was a special day. We got word from President Brough on Sunday that he had invited our district to go to his house and have district meeting there! It was lots of fun. We just got back. His wife even cooked for us. It was really fun and I enjoyed it lots and lots. Their house is so beautiful haha. I promise. anyway. So that was a fun experience.

Everything is going good here, just enjoying my last couple of weeks as a missionary. It is great. I am now the oldest fart in the mission. There is NO missionary older than me (except Elder Israelsen because he entered the MTC about 45 minutes before I did :P) so that is weird, but its good. It's a well deserved title I feel. I have worked hard to be the oldest missionary in the mission. It's been great.
On Friday we had a meeting for the newbies and I showed up with my twins (I'm thinking of buying a two seater stroller and just putting them in there haha) and President Brough asked me how many times I had trained. I slowly stood up and cleared my throat and softly said ''seven times President.'' and thats when the jaws dropped haha. So it was made known to everyone that I am the missionary who has trained the most out of any other missionary in the Guatemala City Central Mission. Soooo that's kind of cool right? He told me that their is no other honor as big as knowing that God trusts in me enough to let me train 7 times. :)
Well my friends, until next week. Remember that I love you and pray for you and hope that you always choose the right. Have a great week, pray, listen to the spirit and laugh everyday. And THANK YOU GRANDMA FOR THE DEARELDERS! Whatta trooper. My Grma has got you all beat. 2 years later and the dearelders are still coming through strong, stud status. Give her a wink for me if you see her and tell her she's the best. Because she is. ha! Love you Grma! and love you reader!
Elder Yattttes

Friday, May 17, 2013

long time no talk!

So I got to talk to my Mother on Sunday and it was glorious. promises. She is the best Mother in the whole world and everyone in the world should tell Happy Mothers day to first their own Mother and second to MY Mother! :D
So I have some breaking news. I am training again for my last change. This will make it my sixth time training. BUTTTT I also got word that I might be recieving 2 kids at the same time. TWINS! eeeeekkk! BUT that is just rumor. But I feel like it's a pretty concrete rumor becasue last night at 11 the APs called me and told me to go outside and help them move in another bed to our house and then promptly told me that I am going to be receiving 2 new missionaries. But like I said, it's pure speculation. ;) But pray for me please.

We still haven't been able to baptize Marisol. It was going great with her, but when we go to put a date with her to get bapitzed, she chickens out. Keep praying for her beucase we just love her so much and we want her so badly to be baptized. I know she will but I just hope it's soon.
So the weeks are going by so fast. I don't really have any cool or funny stories this week. Well, I have FUNNY stories but they are kinda gross becasue they all deal with drunk ctrazy people. I'll share those a little later on. Just remember kids, don't do drugs haha.
We will have to see where my companion gets sent tommorow. I'll let you know.  There are going to be a lot of changes I feel going on in the mission. I should have an interesting email for ya'll next week. So stay tuned for that please! Just know that I love you all and I am praying for you. Keep saying your prayers and enjoy vacations!! :D oh and laugh everyday.
Elder Yates
The most awesome pic ever??


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adios abril!

Hey, hey, he, so I am learning a lot this week. It has been tough. The Lord is deciding to test me one last time before I go home and I am thankful for that trial. Marisol still doesn't feel that she should get baptized yet BUT we are still loving her and helping her and praying for her to get baptized as soon as possible. Keep praying for her too please! Your prayers mean alot. I promise :)
We have another little investigator that we are teaching. His name is Marcos. He is 9 and his mother is a less active member who is lazy more than anything. BUT Marcos is awesome and super pilas. He went to church this last weekend with a member family and wants to get baptized. So we are planning his baptism for the 19th of this month. He is REALLY smart and understands things really fast. So keep praying for him too please.
Lastly, we had an investigator named Ingrid that started coming to church with her father who is a recent convert and she was supposed to get baptized this weekend. BUT her sweet NOT member mother came and took her away from her father this week (because they are seperated) and doesn't want anything to do with the church. poop. BUT we are still praying for her.

I want on divisions this last week with and elder named Elder Vallejos from Coasta Rica and we went to his area and I started contacting a man and this is what went down:

me - ''Hey! How are you?''
the man - ''you guys are Mormons right?''
me - ''thats what they call us! haha''
the man - ''well I don't believe in the Mormons.''
me - ''well thats ok because our message is about Christ. Do you believe in Him?''
the man - ''I don't believe in Christ either.''
me - ''what?! that's so sad. well this message is definetely for you because Christ loves you and we want to teach you why He is important.''
the man - ''no thank you.''
me (after a couple of trys) ''well you're always invited to church''
the man - '' I own your church.''
me - ''huh?''
the man - ''yep. I am the Elders Quorum President of the Cerro Grande Ward.''
me - ''.........''
Soooo turns out my divos comp told the guy to play a trick on me. haha. He really WAS the Elders Quorum President and jokes on me. haha. But it was pretty funny afterward when I realized it was all a joke. I felt silly but I was just more relieved that it wasn't real. haha. I started looking for Ashton Kutcher becasue I got Punk'd!
Well that was my week. I am learning more about being humble and accepting Gods will over mine. It isn't easy at all but its worth it in the long run. Thanks for everything. Keep saying your prayers and reading your scriptures. I appreciate every single one of you. If you have time, write me and tell me somehting spiritual that is going on in your life. oh! and don't forget to laugh everyday :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

you (will) have a birthday‏

Everyone wish my good ol' Dad a Happy Birthday Please! He is a special man and deserves a special day. Happy Birthday Dad!
Well this week, Marisol did NOT get baptized. She drank coffee, blasted mcafé, anyway. So we are HOPING if EVERYTHING goes good to have her baptism this coming weekend. We are also planning the baptism of a little girl named Ingrid. Her father got bapitzed about a month ago and she has seen a huge difference in him because he gave up drinking and smoking and she has been really suprised and happy with his change. So be praying for them please. Elder Orrillo and I have been working like bumble bees around here and we need some prayer magic. :D
Interviews with President Brough were great. It was my last one :( and I thought it was going to be pep talk for my last 2 months but it was more of a how have you changed on your mission type of interview. It really made me look back and see how I was before my mission and I am now. I am still the same Mason Yates. But all my weak attributes that I had before my mission are a lot stronger now. I am the same person, just the traits I have are better than before. I have seeen the change and President Brough has also seen the change. He told me that he was very very proud of me. I felt good :) haha. He has been the best Mission President in the world. I know I came to this mission mainly for him. Because besides my parents, he has helped me become the person I am today more than any other person. He is great and I greatly appreciate him and his family.
Nothing TOO exciting is happening here. Getting ready for changes in 2 weeks. This change has gone by SOOOOOO fast. I promise and the next one is going to go by even faster and then where will I be? :)
Sorry my letters are boring, maybe I am just getting lazy at writing. oh well. :) See you soon, laugh everyday and read your scriptures. I LOVE YOU!!!
 Elder Yates