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Saturday, September 29, 2012

a week of good news!

Hermano Oldrich got his mission call and Jorge got baptized!!

 Soo I know that everyone is dying to know where Hermano Oldrich is going on his mission. Well the secretaries of the mission called me on Tuesday and told me that it had come but that they had given it to the stake president of Villa Nueva. Then the stake president called us a little after and asked if he could open it. Oldrich gave him an excited YES! and he read us the letter. Hermano Oldrich is going to....................Monterray Mexico (west) mission!!!  He leaves on January 9, 2013. He is soooo excited I promise. and I'm excited for him too. He is going to love it. I just know it!

As for other news, Jorge got baptized! It has been such a great experience for him and his family. They are great. He actually wanted to wait a little bit longer but the truth is, he had an interview with President Brough on Saturday and they decided that Sunday would be the best. So Sunday was his baptism. He has been waiting about 8 months to get baptized and finally he could. It's such a blessing for him and for me, the news came at the perfect time. I was so happy for them, I called him and asked who he wanted to baptize him and he just says ''Yates!!" haha. So I had the awesome priveldge of baptizing another child of God.

Those were the biggest events of the week. The rain is slowly diminishing but when it does rain, it still rains HARD, like really hard. But, poco a poco its going away and the cold is coming, especially in the mountain where I am. haha. but really.

So this will be Hermano Oldrich's last week, then he will need to go home and prepare to go off to Mexico. Time is going to fly and he is going to be there in no time at all. He, I feel, has loved his experience here and we have ended up being really great friends. I am glad that my Heavenly Father has allowed us to be comps. I have treasured our time together and have learned a ton. Also, President Brough has already informed me that I will be training....again. haha. But, I'm excited. So next week is cambios (or changes) and I will be recieving a brand new missionary. I'm excited. It's goin to be fun.

Well I love each and every one of you. En guys are great. Anyway, I'm going to send pics now but know that I love you and miss you. Have a great week. Read the scriptures and follow the spirit, and as my mother also says, don't forget to laugh everyday. :)
Elder Yates
The computer is being silly and won't let me send pics. Sorry, you'll have to wait till next week :(


Sunday, September 23, 2012

and the world spins madly on...

a great song and a great phase. It's true. Time has no mercy.

So many of you might have heard that there was a volcano that exploded in Guatemala. Yes it is true. Its called Volcan De Fuego. I could see it, but we were unaffected by it. So no harm, no foul. The explosion though did take place in my mission. I haven't heard anything about the other missionaries if they had to evacuate or anything.

So everything is going great with Hermano Oldrich. We aren't sure if he has gotten his mission call yet because nobody has informed us. But it has been over a month that he sent in his papers so he thinks that its here, plus he had a dream that it came. So we'll have to see. He actually wasn't going to finish out the change with me but I convinced him to stay :) So he will be here until the 3 of October because that is when changes are.  After I will probably get a new comp and teach him the area and then I'm out. Crazy I have about 4 months here already. When I'm done, I'm going to have about 6 months though. haha. The same time that I had in the coast, but I'm happy.

So on to the good news. I think I've mentioned a few times the Familia Argueta. They were all baptized in February excpet for the dad because he had to have an interview with President Brough and then President Brough had to fill out a paper and send it in to the first presidency to see if he could get baptized. We have been waiting for forever for the answer for the first presidency and well, it came! They said YES! So we rushed over to them to tell them the good news and they were so excited, especially because entering the temple as a family is their goal. So we are planning the baptism for Jorge this coming Sunday. Pray for him that everything goes well!

A weird story. So this morning we get on the bus to come down to Villa Canales where we have our district meetings and we sit down and I ask my companion if he's ready to contact the bus. He said no. ''Why not?'' I asked him, and then he points to a lady a few rows in front of us. She was screaming and writhing in pain. Come to find out, she was giving birth......on the bus. Yeah. So the bus driver drove as quickly as humanly possible (and remember that in Guatemala, there are no speed limits) and we got to Villa Canales. She was just in the beginning of labor so she made it to the doctor in time. But hey. Stories for the Grandchildren right? It was almost as bad as the guy a few weeks back who had a seizure on top of me. I ended up holding him in his seat and holding him so he didn't hurt himself until he was done. When he finished, he was all better. The boy scout slogan: Be prepared! hahaha.
Well that's about it from Guatemala. I'm doing great. I'm happy. I'm healthy. And I have the gospel in my life. What else could a 20 year old boy ask for? haha. Pray, smile, and listen to the spirit, and as my mother says, don't forget to laugh everyday. I love you alllllllll!!!

Elder Yates
In front of Volcano De Pacaya

Doing service

Doing service

With some dogs

Eating breakfast

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love is a battlefield‏

and so is the mission. haha. A Hermana in my district told me to write that. Pero ella tiene razon.....

Hey everyone! So everything is going good here. Hermano Oldrich and I are working hard and hopefully getting ready for some baptisms. Until the Lord has prepared them sufficiently to make convenants with him, we are just going to keep trucking along.
This Monday was PDAY!! and we had the opporunity to go to Zona 1 in the capital. It was so much fun and the best part was, we got to eat Wendys! Beloved frosties. I promise, they were delicious. and I took some sweet pictures which I have generously attached :) enjoy please

So I really feel like my letters are getting shorter and shorter. Maybe it's because I'm getting less interesting. haha.  The weeks are beginning to blur together and I can't even remeber the days anymore. It rains almost everyday and there is ALWAYS fog. I promise. The area is sweet but it always has its problems. We are trying to work hard and keep contacting. I have Hermano Oldrich contacting buses now. He is so great. haha. I love this kid. He is so humble and I learn so much from him. I pray that we can be together for the rest of the change. I am going to try and start living more exciting so my letters get better haha.

Oh and as for Familia Lopez Catalan, well the hermano was listening to the radio one day and the radio host began talking bad about mormons and spreding lies and whatnot and the poor man believed the radio host. We tried to clear up his doubts and everything but he in the end didn't want anything. We had to leave them as investigators. Satan works hard. But God works harder. For that reason, God put US in his way to help him. But he was to hard that he didn't hear nor feel the words of Christ that we were sharing with him.

But other than that, everything is going. Thank you Grandmother for the constant dearelders. Congrats to Travis for getting his mission call. Thanks to all my friends who still write me. You are the bestest friends a redheaded missionary could ask for. You're awesome and God loves you. Remember that you are important to him. I wrote the golden rule last week: treat others the way you want to be treated. But I am going to better that. Treat others the way GOD wants you to treat them. Follow the spirit and laugh everyday. Life is short, don't be to busy to enjoy it. I love you!

Elder Yates
Catholic Church

Guatemalan Palace

Elder Krantz and Elder Yates

Elder Yates and Elder McQueen

Hermano Oldrich and Elder Yates

Hermano Oldrich and Elder Yates

Super foggy morning

Getting our shoes shined

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My little mini missionary‏

is Hermano Oldrich Diegez! And he's great!

So my new comp is great. He is from Villa Nueva so he is really close to his home. He has about a year and a half of being a member and he has such a strong testimony. I promise. I am learning more from him than he is from me! He is the only member in his family and he has such strong desires to serve the Lord. I love being his companion. He sent in his papers for a mission and now is only waiting for his calling to come. Anyday now!!
So this last week has been great. WE had the semana perfecta, or perfect week! Every companionship had to have 10 new investigators, 20 lessons, and at least 25 contacts a day. Even though I had a mid week change of comps, we still did it in Santa Elena! We had 24 lessons, 236 contacts in the week, and 23 new investigators. So it was a great week. I was really stressed about it with the whole change comps in the middle but the Lord certainly blessed me. We found a really great family this last week that seems great. I'll keep you updated on them.

As for Familia Lopez Catalan, the Hermano has come to church twice now and has really liked it. The mother is Evangelica and I think is really scared to change her religion. Even though she told us that she feels somehting different everytime we come over and teach them. But we have our hopes high and I am praying to make serious progress with them this week.
Thanks for all your support and prayers. I feel them blessing me and the area every day. Today in district meeting we studied 1 Nephi 17. Everyone should read it and meditate on Nephi's attitude. What a great example Nephi is. If I could be like him.....

I love you all so much and pray for you. Laugh everyday and treat everyone how you want to be treated. It's the golden rule you know :) Stay strong and be pioneers of the truth!
Elder Yates

Elder Pantle and Elder Yates
Elder Pantle and Elder Yates

Elder Yates looking at Lake lake Amatitlan

Elder Yates and Hermano Oldrich


Monday, September 3, 2012

Mi Hijo.....

Is a little Gringito!! Or a big gringito. Depending on how you look at it ahaha....

Hey ya'll! So my son is gringo! He is from Farmington, Utah. He is 19 and has NEVER studied Spanish in his life! But its great. He is learning a lot and I am learning even more. So, it's a great experience. Unfortunately, it's an experience that is going to have to cut itself short because Elder Pantle will be returning home this week to fix some stuff at home. But he will only be home for a short time and then he will be right back in the mission field. Please pray for him that he has the spirit to be with him and can come back quickly. Because I sure am going to miss him!

Anyway, I should be receiveing my new comp on Thursday. I think he is going to be a brother from the stake that is preparing to serve a mission. So with this hermano, we are going to work super hard so that we complete our goals for Septmeber! We are going to baptize like badgers! haha.

We are teaching a new family right now called the Familia Lopez Catalan. They are great. The mother is another religion but is always open to listen to us and the father doesn't go to any church. This past week, the father came to church and loved it and we are trying to get the mother to come this next week. They need to get married but they are both willing so that will be our next assignment. Please pray for them!!

I am really enjoying being a missionary right now. The people and the culture are amazing and I find myself waking up everyday wanting more. I have learned so much on my mission. The circumstances and baptisms don't make a missionary happy, they help, but it is ultimatley his attitude that makes him happy. I have learned that really, happiness IS a choice. We CAN choose to be happy. And I feel like I really am happy. At this point in my life, there isn't any other place I would rather be. It's incredible to experience this change, but it has been great. I love all of you soooooooo much. You are an inspiration to me and I super appreciate your support. I got dearelders from many of you so thank you! They make me super happy!

Also! I talked to Elder Loayza recently and he said that Luisa from Puerta de Hierro in Escuintla got baptised! cool huh? I'm glad the Lord led me to her so I could have her ready for the next elders that baptised her. The Lord always blesses his missionaries, and your prayers help! Keep them up! I love you all and I will see you soooooooooon!!!!

Elder Yates
Elder Yates and Elder Pantle