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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dearest Elder Yates. You've been selected!

To train again! Am I happy/sad/nervous/excited/etc? I don't know how I feel yet haha.

Hey!!!! So yep, tomorrow we have changes and I got the lovely little phone call from my Mission President and the Lord has chosen me to train. So that means that I will be staying in my area and Elder Sanchez is leaving. To where? solo Dios sabe. But I'm sure he will love it. But my next weeks email should be better because I will tell you all about my newbie!! But what do you think? Gringo or Latino? hmmmm.....

So this past week has been a real treat. I got to do divisions twice this week. The first time I went with my zone leader Elder Hansen from Utah. It was so much fun and I learned a ton. He is a great missionary. We even woke up at 5 in the morning to work out at a local gym. I now look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ha! Then on Friday I got the chance to do divisions with Elder Owens, a missionary that entered with me. His comp is having some problems and I wanted my comp to go to his area so that the comp of Elder Owens could lead the area and I could see how well he does. So that was also a fun divisions. I am learning a lot from other missionaries!

So I told you about my experience of praying and telling God that I am here for him. Well one day this past week, we were going through another hard time. It was raining and nobody was in the street so we decided to knock doors and nobody was answering the door and it was just frustrating. ''God, I can't do this anymore. Nobody is home and they don't want anything. I just can't do this anymore.'' I said out loud. Then I felt the words ''You can do this. You have to. You promised me you would.'' And I knew that that was God reminding me of the promise I made to him. It was a spiritual experience for me that I wanted to share with you. It was really cool. I kept working and we ended up having a great day after. I love my Father in Heaven. :)

Well folks. Thats about a wrap here. I am so glad that everything is going good there in them good ol United States. Keep working hard. Smile and laugh and keep doing what your Heavenly Father wants you to do and you will be blessed. Study hard in school and get good grades. Mkay? I love you alllllllllll!!!!!!!
Elder Yates
My District

Elder Yates and Elder Owens


Sunday, August 19, 2012

the truth about socks...

is that I need some! So parents, please send me some mission socks asap!
Hey yallllll... que honda? How's it all going over there in them states? Everything is going good here. Today is a beautiful sunny day and I am enjoying the weather. ahhhhh :)

This week has been good overall. The first of the week started off hard but got better towards the end of the week. God really can push you until you think you can't take anymore and then he blesses you. That is something I've learned about God, nothing is impossible. Not for God, nor us. Everything is possible. Everything.

Elder Sanchez and I have been working hard. The district as a whole is working really well in preperation for September, and so we are just trying to hold our own and do our part. And this week has started off good too. In our area right now, there is a fair going on so our area is full! It is in celebration of a virgin for the Catholic Church which is tomorrow, the 15th. There are games and stands and food and music. It's a fun time but it makes the work a TINY bit tough because nobody is in the house. Everyone is out celebrating. But its a fine time and everyone in our area is happy and feliz :)
We are working with a family named famialia Argueta. I think I've mentioned them but just in case. They are all members except for the dad who needed an interview with the president of the mission because of something very serious that he did. He had to read the whole Book of Mormon and a couple other things but he did it! My mission president sent his papers into the First Presidency so that they can review everything and they can give the ok to get baptised. So, we are just waiting for their response but it should come anyday now! Just have to have patience!! :)

Well this week was so boring that I didn't even take any pictures. I will get better! But yesterday for Pday we watched 17 Miracles. What a fantastic movie. I love it! EVERYONE should watch it! Seriously, they should, it's great.

Well thats a wrap folks. I pray that everyone is great and enjoying life. Life is too short to not be enjoyed. Laugh everday, don't worry about the little things, and just keep your head up towards the future. Everyone tell yourselves, ''today WILL be better than yesterday!'' so that way, your life will ALWAYS get better. words of a wise man???? you decide =)

Elder Yates

Sunday, August 12, 2012

There was just a car accident outside.

and the guy commited a hit and run. Guatemala sure is different then the states :)

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? Super good I hope. So this week has been a hard but great week. Let me explain.
This past week has been the hardest week of my mission. We had so many lessons lined up and everything but nobody has been home and those that WERE home gave us lame excuses as to why they didn't want anything. So we really were struggling this past week with finding new people and having lessons. Even some of the faithful investigators that we have been teaching didn't want anything. They decided to drop US! So it has been so hard and my comp and I got super discouraged.
Last Thursday we had the opportunity to have interviews with President Brough. Many say that the Mission President is one of the reasons someone gets called to a specific mission. I testify thats true. President Brough, apart from my parents, is the person that has MOST changed my life. It is incredible. I feel like he knows me better that I know myself sometimes. It's like he knew me before the mission. I told him our difficulties and struggles this past week and he was happy that I was passing through this! He told me that it is a blessing and that God is preparing me and my comp and the area to be able to baptize 300 people in September. He also gave me advice. ''Elder Yates'' he tells me ''Don't get discouraged. Pray to your Father in Heaven and tell him that you're here and that you are willing to pass through what ever trial for him. Tell him your thoughts and fears. Pray to him like your Father and he will help you. He knows you.'' Best advice ever???
So I did it. I returned that night after interviews and knelt down and told My Heavenly Father that I'm here. That I will ALWAYS be his instrument. That even if he doesnt bless me with success, I will always give my best. That I'm His child and I love him and will do whatever for him. And I have to tell you, it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I felt the spirit so strong and I know God heard my prayer and knows me. I felt edified and spiritually (and physically) uplifted. We finished the week and it didn't get any better. But for ME it did. I felt great about my week becasue I worked hard and gave it all I got. And I know that I worked hard because this week flew by. Seriously, even if it wasn't the best week ever, it still was a great week. And I learned a valuable lesson this week, thanks to a Mission President that can listen to the spirit and can discern MY needs. LEADERS ARE CALLED OF GOD!  And my Mission President is the best!
We also had Zone Pday yesterday! It was fun. We played capture the flag and my comp twisted his ankle. haha. He is better now. Yesterday in the night, he was limping everywhere! I was his temporary human crutch. But after a great nights rest, he's back at it haha.
Well nothing super exciting this week happened so no cool pics to send. But next week yes. promises. :) Thank you all for being awesome! I love you all and appreciate everything you do for me! Missions are the classroom for the rest of life. I have had a ton of tests. Many I've passed and many I've failed. But I have learned something very important from each of them. I love you and I love life. Laugh everyday and look for ways to serve and you'll be a happy child of God.
Elder Yates

Sunday, August 5, 2012

and July has ended‏

I can't believe only one more month till BYU starts again! Que rapido!

Hey everyone! How are you doing?! Everything is going good here because we had a baptism this last week! One of our investigators named Furgencio got baptized on Sunday! His baptism went great and it was so nice. We were able to contribute to the 204 baptisms in the month of July. Sadly, as a mission we only reached 193 baptisms. We were so close!!!! We just need to focus on September now! 300 baptisms here we come! :)

So this week I was able to do divisions with a NEW absolutely GREEN missionary named Elder McQueen. He is from Utah and has about 2 months in the mission. HE IS SO YOUNG!!! Remember when I was that young? hahaha. It was great. He came up to my area and we worked hard up there. We got some good gringo time so that was fun.
Also as a zone we have put into effect 35 contacts a day to help us get ready for September. It is harder but we are being blessed for it! The more diligent we are, the more we will be blessed. Talking on buses is definitely the easiest way to get the contacts, but the most effective is knocking on doors. So we have to find a balance between those 2 methods of contacting.

I feel like my letters home are getting shorter and shorter. I apologize that there really isn't anything super awesome or super entertaining right now. We are just working hard and trying to find los escogidos, or the chosen people ready to hear the gospel. So that is all that we are up to right now. Elder Sanchez is awesome. He is the only member from his family who is a member of the church and he's the 3rd youngest of 14 kids. His testimony is rock solid and he brings the spirit so strong to every lesson. He loves to joke around and have fun. I'm his 3rd comp and his first 2 were very serious and he felt trapped so to speak. So with me, we get along great. So pray for us please!

Stay sweet and stay awesome. You're all great and I love you. Sorry not too many letters have been sent but I am going to try and find more time. I've been really busy lately. But laugh everyday and listen to the spirit and your life will be the best :) I promise

Elder Yates

Furgencio's Baptism