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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A la gran.‏

 Hello everyone! How is everyone doing this week? Good? Good. Well, there was an earthquake this week! When you ask? Why about 9 minutes ago. :) My computer screen shook and my chair moved but the building is still standing so no harm done. Anyway, this week has been good. Tons of rain. The streets flooded 3 times this week! Oh my heck! Rain, rain go away and come back NEVER! Actually I´m getting used to it. It's not that bad. I have to carry an umbrella (or in spanish, una sombria) with me everywhere, even if we leave the house and its sunny and warm. There is a good chance it will rain on those days, and it does, but its alright. Rain is good.

Also this week we had 9 investigators attend sacrament meeting!!! YAYYY!!! So awesome. Including Alma and Lorenzo. They were at church before Elder Lagos and I were! They are awesome. We have scheduled this week their wedding on Wednesday and their baptism on Sunday so pray that everything goes great! And pray that I catch the bouquet! (actually don't,  I´m a missionary and I cant get married for another 21.5 months). But I´m so excited for them!

Also the familia Ralack is going good too. He still needs to talk to his soon to be ex wife about a divorce though. We are working hard with them and so I ask for your prayers for them too! I know Heavenly Father want them to get married and baptized so I know somehow we´ll find a way to make it work.

We found a couple new investigators this week too so wish us luck for them! The members here have been awesome and been giving us references to their friends and neighbors! I love the ward here! They are so awesome.

And here is a little Guatemalan culture for everyone. The drivers here are the worst I have ever seen. (yes, even worse than Utah.) and I have come to realize that the rules of driving here are to get from point A to point B anyway possible. It doesn't matter how many people you cut off, how fast you drive, how many pedestrians you almost hit, and it even doesn't matter if you drive in the correct lane. People here will drive into on coming traffic if necessary. So just keep that in mind if you ever visit Guatemala. Ttake a taxi. They drive crazy too but they can at least get you to where you need to be. I love Guatemala.

Well everyone, that's about it for this week. I just handed my Zone Leaders a handful of letters so be expecting one soon. I haven't had time to write ALL of you which I am going to work on tomorrow. Well much love and stay awesome. Keep praying and reading your scriptures. Don't ask questions. JUST DO IT! :) please.

Elder Yates.

ps. another earthquake just happened! should I be worried?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another day, another quetzal.

Welcome everybody to my blog!! Hope you are all having the best day of your lives today, and if not, there´s always tomorrow ;) Well this week has been adventerous. Elder Lagos had a meeting that was only for older missionaries so I didn't have to go! So Thursday and Friday I went on divisiones with another newbie whos companion went with mine to the meeting. We went to his area called Santa Elena. It's up in the mountains! It was so cool! I loved his area. It was so rural (it kinda reminded me of Fallon). There were cows just chillin in the streets and people were riding horses through the town. I walked outside and asked my companion why it was so foggy. I couldnt see 10 feet in front of me. But he told me that it wasn't foggy. It was a cloud! And sure enough I could see the ´´fog´´ moving! I was standing in a cloud! So cool. The people were so humble up there. Many of the homes didn't even have electricity. So, we were teaching this one family and had to use a candle to read the Book of Mormon. Such a neat experience. Also it rained up there harder than it did in my area! I didn't think that was possible! Also that night, when I was trying to go to sleep, there was an earthquake! It was pretty big too, but I didn't die :) Come to find out, Santa Elena is constructed right next to an active volcano and that's the reason there was the earthquake. My companion says it happens all the time. It felt cool. :)

This week was pretty tough for us. My companion and I were gone all Thursday and Friday for the meetings and then Saturday, Elder Lagos got really sick, so we couldn't leave the house Saturday because he could barely get out of bed, so that day was rough. And then come to find out, the family Ralack who have a fecha baptismal, have to wait a while because the dad is married to someone else! Blast!!!!!!! So we have to divorce him for that wife and then marry him to his actual wife and then baptize them. But they are willing to do whatever it takes so we definitely have our work cut out for us.

So yesterday here in Guatemala it was a big day. It was the elections! The people were going nuts trying to vote. There was like hardly anyone at church because they all had to go out and vote! The new president will take office in January, so that has been going on like crazy here.  But other than that nothing else is really new. It rains everyday. Oh wait but thats not new. :P

I have alot of letters to mail to you guys but many of you are back at school and I don't have your school addresses so please send them to me! I love you all times infinity and I will talk to you next week! Keep reading your scriptures and doing the things your are supposed to do and you will be blessed! :) Love you!

Elder Yates

PS the picture is us making tortillas on a pday! yummy!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Ha! Maybe not. Actually. The last week hasn't been that bad. But when it does rain, its rains, hard. So hard actually that our roof flooded and the water is leaking in through the walls. Hahahaha. Oh gosh. Guatemala.

Hello friends and family! I hope you are all doing flippen fantastic! I am doing flippen fantastic. My companion and I have been working very hard to find new people since our last baptism. We found one family that is awesome! WE have visited with them only a couple times but they are ready for baptism! We scheduled it later this month! So stay tuned!! Also, we got Lorenzo and Alma to commit to baptism too! They are the ones that didn't have a bed but we gave them one. They are such a good couple. Their marriage is set for the 18th (they are both 18!! so young!) and then their baptism the 25th of this month. So stay tuned! :)

Oh and a very merry Birthday to two of my most favorite girls in the whole world Mary Christensen and her daughter Darcy. Darcy just turned 1 and Mary turned 21! Or thereabouts ;) Happy Birthday and I miss you and love you!

SO I have come to a conclusion about the people here. There are 2 types of people towards the missionaries. The very nice smile and say hi types of people. And then there are the people that won't even give you the time of day. I think this is because we are missionaries and they think we are here to change peoples religions (which is partly true) and they don't think people should meddle with other peoples religions. The people here are EXTREMELY religious. For serious. They have their religion and you have yours and all religions are good and you shouldn't mess with that. Oh well. I am still very friendly to these people because I love them, even though when I say Buenos Dias they just grunt at me. Oh wellllllll :)

I also had a great service opportunity. A families house that isn't in our area, got destroyed by a minor landslide so my companion and I went and helped them rebuild their home in a completely new spot. We started from scratch! I can now build a house ya´ll!! I felt like Bob the Builder out there, well minus the whole no singing tools thing. And I didn't sing  because the family was pretty bumbed that their house was no more. But giving service is fun! So everyone drop what you are doing and go serve someone and then thank me later :)

Also, we had a meeting in the capital for all the newbies and their trainers. The APs decided to do an excercise and have the newbies teach them (the APs) lesson one. Thankfully I didn't get picked. PSYCH! I did! With two LAtinos!! I have the worst luck and I had to do it in front of the president and his wife. I almost peed down both legs when they called my name, but I think I did good. The president and his wife both told me they were pretty impressed. Next thing you know I´ll be AP. hahaha. no.

I apologize that I still haven't written any letters. SO if you think I have sent you one, no. I haven't. I haven't sent anyone a letter. It's hard on p-days because we don't have time. We have to clean and go shopping and stuff like that, but I promise I'll get better and start sending some loveeeeeee :) Love you all times a million. I miss you all like crazy. And I tried sending some pics back today but the computer is being STUPID! BOTHERED!!! oh well. I'll try again next week. Take care ya´ll! Read your scriptures and pray!

Elder Yates

Monday, September 5, 2011

I love Guacemole!

No seriously. I do. I never realized before but guacemole is really good and so is avocado. Yummy! I eat it all the time here!  The food here is awesome! the other day we had hot dogs! but this is how we ate them. Lined the bun with guacemole, then inserted the hot dog, then covered it with shredded lettuce and mayonaise and it was delicious! I ate 4 of them! Then we had tortillas lined with guacemole and mushed black beans, then put chicken and scrambled egg on it and i got sick off it I ate so many. SOOOOO delicious. I love Guatemalan food!

 I GOT MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately last week when we were supposed to baptize mother and son Kony and Dicxon, a small problem arose and so they changed the date of their baptism to the 27th. Everything went perfectly! Son Dicxon asked me to baptize him!!!!! SO COOL!!!! Even though we had to do it twice because his foot came up the first time. Such an awesome expereicence. Also we have another couple investigating, their names are Alma and Lorenzo. They are such a humble couple and very poor. They both JUST turned 18 so they are still young and in loveeeeee :) Thats why we are working with them to get married! And then baptized! Yay! Just yesterday even, a member in the ward donated an old bed that he was using to them. They were sleeping on the ground before! They were so happy to receive it! So awesome! I love being a missionary!

Also, before I forget, Morgan Ashley Howard (Martinadale). I received your dearelder THIS week so I apologize for not putting you in the last email. I miss you like CrAzY and can't wait till I can see you again. I will try and write you a letter and send it to the university your are studying your little butt off at right? mkay good :) Love you Morg and take care.

I think you are right about the trpoical storm here. It rained yesterday for about 8 hours STRAIGHT. Didn't stop once. All the streets were flooded and we had to be super careful and walk on all the curbs. Its unreal the rain here. I wish you could all experience it. Anyway.

Well its time for me to wrap it up! I love you all and can't wait to read your dearelders that I know you are sending me! :) Talk to you guys soon! Keep praying and reading your scriptures of course ;)

With love,
Elder Yates