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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 13, 2011

Hello everyone!
How is everyone doing?! I miss you all very much but everything is going great here. Just another week gone in Guatemala.  The best thing that happened last week was we got to leave to go Proselyting! It was awesome! We went to Central Plaza in Zona 1. That is where the main Catholic Church is (which is gorgeous) and also there is a giant fountain and a giant palace where the governor lives. It is so pretty! There were a ton of people out there too! Thank goodness we got to go with our Latin Companions.  Elder Bravo and Elder Ochoa are the best! They did so good. The first guy we contacted was completely dis-interested in our message. But he listened anyway which is kinda frusturating because he pretty much wasted our time. But it´s fine. The second person we contacted was a family. They seemed disinterested as well but when we asked for their contact information, they gave it to us. I pray everything works out for them. Third, we talked to a devout Cathloic man that enjoyed hearing what we had to say, but really didn´t want to change religions. But we gave him a Book of Mormon and he told us he was going home to compare it to the Bible. We told him ¨please go ahead!¨ He´ll probably get baptized. Lastly, we were returning to the bus when a young man probably in his 20´s came up to us and started asking questions. We gave him the whole talk and answered his questions and gave him a Book of Mormon. When it came time to get his contact information, he gave us his address and phone number and told us to come Saturday because that is when his whole family will be home. It was so cool! I hope everything works out there too! I could understand all the things my companions were saying but I had trouble understanding what the people were saying because they kind of mumbled. But I bore my testimony in spanish and my companions told me that I did really good. We are scheduled to go again in 3 weeks but the next time we go without our Latin Companions. I´m nervous but it will be good I think. I´m excited. Also next week we are scheduled to leave the MTC for a little bit and go to a local mall and flea market! I´m so excited! Also, because my Spanish is so good, the Maestros want to move me up to a Latino district next Wednesday because they think I will learn Spanish faster there.  I´m sure they´re right but I don't think I want to because I like the district I have now and I have been helping to teach them and they really need my help.  So I kinda hope that I just stay where I am but I´ll let you guys know what happens.  It is going to be so nice to go out and experience Guatemalan culture for real.  Also, just so everyone knows, my P-Day is very short right now because the temple is closed so I only get about 3 hours of free time so I apologize now if it takes a while to write you back. Just know that I will! You guys are the best and I love and miss everyone of you!  Oh! and I had canteloupe juice yesterday. I wasn't aware that was possible. It was actually pretty good. Well my time is up. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love, Elder Mason Yates.

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