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Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 27, 2011

Bienvenidos a todos!

How is everyone doing? I hope more of you have recieved my letters home. If you´re still waiting, I promise one is coming soon so just hang tight. Well I am officially in my last 3 weeks in the MTC. Crazy huh? So all the Norteamericanos left and a whole bunch of new ones showed up! Unlike last time, there are a TON more Nortes than Latinos. It kinda sucks because many Nortes don´t get an American companion. I fortunately did get one. His name is Elder Garcia and he from Nicaragua. He is going to serve in Guatemala City South. His companion though is going central so we´ll be in the same mission which is pretty cool. This week has actually gone by pretty slow because once you get out of a routine, things seem to slow down, and that is what happened this week with all the new missionaries coming in. Last night we watched a MTC devotional from Elder Bednar which was kinda cool because we all happened to be there when he gave it. He gave it at the Provo MTC on June 24, 2011 and we were all there! Other general authorities that happened to be there at that time included Dallin H Oaks, Russel M Nelsen, Jeffrey R Holland, M Russell Ballard, and Richard G Scott. It was cool hearing his words again.  Nothing else is really that new here. Oh but for all of those of you that heard about the Guatemalan missionary that was attacked by a lion, I do not know him and this is that last report I heard about him. He is still in the hospital recuperating. He lost an arm and apparently his leg was severly severed. They think he is going to make it though so keep him in your prayers. But just know that I am fine and safe :) I love everyone here and if you want to send me a letter, just wait till my mother puts my mission field address up because if you send it to the MTC here, I´ll get it, but it will just be late. Keep reading your scriptures everyone and keep praying. I know God hears your prayers and I know he answers them.  I know this church is true and that missionary work is called of God. I love you all and I am praying for you. Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Yates.

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