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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I guess the sun was in hibernation‏

Greetings earthlings and welcome to the fantastical blog of a missionary. This week has been kinda hectic but really great! We found a couple more families that are really great!

First, the rain stopped!! It stopped on Thursday! So great!  Since then the sun has been out! But, for some reason it has been kinda cold, like 50F degrees. But at least the sun is out! B,ut as a result of all the rain, there have been a TON of landslides and mudslides and that kinda has all of Guatemala in a little panic. One even happened really close to our house! But no one was hurt (in that one at least). There was one landslide where two people were walking and the ground just fell out from underneath them and they both died! It killed a dog too! But, the sun is helping dry everything out.

On Wednesday, Elder James B. Martino from the Seventy came down and spoke to us! Only a couple zones from my mission were allowed to go and my Zone was one of them! It  was great to hear him speak! He was great and his words were definitely inspired. And you may remember, this is the same Elder Martino that gave a prayer at General Conference. The same! A man of God.

On Friday, it started off as a normal day and then we got a call to go to the mission office. So we went and found out that our zone had been selected to help with a service project. Because of the constant rain these past 2 weeks, many parts of Guatemala have flooded and are without food, water and shelter. So, we went to the airport here in Guatemala City and helped unload trucks full of clothes, water, and food, and helped load them on to planes to get shipped to other parts of Guatemala for those people that are in need. It was great! I love service and I especially love helping people who need help. So that was great. So, look for my picture in the next Ensign! :) Just kidding.

Then on Saturday, we had the baptism of Nancy and her sister Magdalena!! It was great!  Magdalena asked me to baptize her and I gladly accepted. I would do anything to help  others make everlasting convenants with our Heavenly Father. Unfortunately, the mother and other sister did not get baptized because they didn't have permission from the father. He is very against our religion and the only reason Magdalena and Nancy could get baptized is because they are both over 18 and therefore do not need a parents permission. The mother and sister (Roxeli) still want to get baptized and we are planning on talking to the father with the bishop here to help maybe sort some things out.

Then on Sunday, we had a Sunday dedicated to missionary work. So all the jovenes or teenagers in the ward sang in a choir and I played the piano! Then, they asked ME to give a talk about the blessings of missionary work, and finally, Magdalena asked me again to confirm her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So needless to say, my Sunday was quite busy. But it was such a great day.

Well that's about all from my end of things. Keep being awesome whoever is reading this! I love you and everything you do. Talk to you next week!

Elder Yates

ps. its NOT raining right now! What the....?

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