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Sunday, November 6, 2011

¡dulce o dinero!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!!! The niños here say dulce o dinero! (candy or money. pretty smart huh?) Unfortunately, they don't celebrate it like we do in the states. They sure are missin out. Oh well. I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! Full of lots of laughs and screams!

So this Wednesday is changes!! I have no idea if it's me that's leaving the area or Elder Lagos. We get the official call tonight. He has one more change in the area than me so he is CONVINCED that he is leaving. He is telling everyone and is slowly and secretly beginning to pack his bags. Even though we both don't know still. I kinda hope I leave and he stays just because it would be funny, anyway.

So this past week has been a bit rough. Elder Lagos got sick on Wednesday and I got sick yesterday. Yuck!! The worst, so this week was kinda rough when it came to tracting, but this next week will be better!

All of our families are progressing nicely and Alma and Lorenzo even went to the temple this week to do baptisms for the first time! and they loved it! I'm so happy for them and I love them so much. They are beginning to do the work for their ancestors! yay! and they are preparing to go to the temple in a year too to make everlasting marriage convenents with our Father in Heaven. So awesome! Oh and Alma is pregnant!

I unfortunately don't have much time (or really anything that exciting) so I need to go but I miss all of you and love all you tons and tons and I love getting your dearelders so please keep sending them. Next week I´ll have a new companion and maybe a new area! so stay tuned!!!! :) much loveeeee!!!

Elder Yates

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