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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The other side of the rainbow

HOLA A TODOS! Como estan ustedes? Awesome I hope. Well changes were this past week and I GOT CHANGED! I know! I couldn't believe it either! Elder Lagos stayed in Ciudad Real. He was pretty bummed and actually I was too. I kinda wanted to stay. I LOVED Ciudad Real. Iit was great, but the Lord needs me elsewhere and I must answer the call. My new area is in the Zone Villa Nueva, so I'm still in the capital. The area is called La Union. Fun fact: it was Elder Lagos first area so everyone here knows him. Weird huh? The area is great, even though I really miss Ciudad Real. My new companion is Elder Ortega and he is from Panama. He is very short, very fast walker, very hard worker, and has 20 months in his mission. I will send pics soon.

Since I'm still new, I don't know a lot of the investigators yet but we are working hard so that we can have 3 baptisms this month. I`ll keep you all updated on it. We are teaching a lot of people here and its great. The difference between here and Ciudad Real is the people seem much nicer in the streets (always saying hi and what not and smiling) but when we contact them in their homes they don't want to hear a word from us. Ciudad real was the opposite, but everything is great. Working hard and I can't believe I already passed my 5 month mark! One more month and I`ll be a fourth done with my mission. Please tell me that isn't completely crazy, because it definitely is. Where has the time gone? no sè. 

Anyway, nothing really too exciting this week. Just getting situated in my new area and trying to get everything figured out. I'm sure my next couple letters will be more interesting when I start including stories about investigators and what not. Just know that i'm doing good. Working hard, smiling, laughing, eating ice cream :P (The rains gone! It hasn't rained in like a month! It's getting really hot here! The weather is super weird)  and baptizing of course. Keep sending dearelders so I can stay sane please.  I love you alllllll soooooooo muchhhhhhh and I hope you enjoy the pics.  Keep reading the scriptures!!! and read D&C 58: 2 - 5 and focus on verses 3 and 4. the BEST! LOVE YOU!

Elder Yates

My Zone

My District

Playing Futbol on P-Day

Saying Goodbye to Ward Mission Leader

Saying Goodbye to a Family

Saying Goodbye to Alma and Lorenzo

Elder Yates in Cuidad Real

Elder Yates Leaving Cuidad Real

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