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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love to see the temple‏

Hello EVERYONE!!! I cant believe it´s already December! Crazy huh? Yeah I know. So I've had a really busy couple of weeks. First, I FINALLY got your dearelders. I think they were trying to kill me and it almost worked. Some of the dearelders were from October. wayyy too much time. I will now work on writing you guys back. Please have patience, there are a lot of you I need to write and I don't have a lot of time, but I WILL write you. :) please and thank you.

Second, WE HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM LAST WEEKEND!!! We had a woman named Carmen Albisuris and she wanted to get baptized but kept telling us she wasn't ready. So we had her baptism date set for like the end of December. Well last week we visited her and she said ¨I´m ready and I want to get baptized this weekend.¨ There was no arguement from us, so we held her baptism and her grandson baptized her. It was great! I have pictures right here on my camera, but I don't have the freaking cord to the computer. I left it in the casa. So I will send the pictures on Tuesday. Promise. =)

Also this week, we had an actividad navideña and our zona (villa nueva) and another zona (chimaltenango) got together for food, games, service, and a great time. This was yesterday. It was great! First we went to an old run down school and we cleaned it up. It looks real nice now. :) Then we played soccer and human bowling and ate pizza and a whole bunch of good stuff. It was great. Then we had a spiritual night last night. We watched this movie called 17 miracles and it was so good. It was about the pioneers that made their way across America in the dead of winter and the trials they had. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. It was incredible the way these people put their faith and trust in the Lord and the Lord carried them to Zion. Many died of course, but it was amzing how they Lord worked miracles through there ordinary people with extraordinary faith. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PIONEER, ever. It makes the trails we have here in the mission field seem like nothing, really a spiritual experience. A great way to celebrate my six month mark in the mission. :)

Then this morning, we got to go to the temple! It was awesome. Unfortunately, we went to the six o'clock in the morning session. And we had to be ready for the bus at the stake center by about 4:15 am. So we had to wake up this morning at about 3 am. So I'm pretty tired. And on top of that, we were fasting. So we were hungry and tired and extremely happy and grateful that we got to go to the house of the Lord and feel His spirit there as we prepared ourselves to baptize 204 people in Janurary. It was awesome.

Well this month we were preparing Jorge and Lydia Gomez to get married and baptized. But something happened. Jorge went to the capital to get the papers necessary for his marriage and on the way back on the bus, robbers got on and robbed EVERYTHING from EVERYONE, and yes, they robbed his papers for his wedding. It will take about a month to get them again. So we can definitely see Satan working hard against us. But we are determined to work harder. So it looks like we will baptize them in Janurary, adding to the 204 baptisms that we need. But we are working hard so don't worry. :)

Well I think that's about it this week. It has been a very quick week but a very great week.  Changes are on Wednesday. I can't believe I've been in this area for 6 weeks already. I will be going into my fourth change! Eeeek! Where is my mission going?! anyway. I love you all SO MUCH and I just want you to know that trials are good. In some of your dearelders, many of you have been telling me of some hard times you are having. Just remember, the Lord will try you and he will try you hard. But he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give you more trials than you can handle. EVER. Just remember that He is your Father and He knows you better than you know yourself. Trust in Him, embrace the challenges, and you WILL be blessed. He loves you and wants to bless us when we are faithful to Him and His commandments. And always remember that God knows EVERYTHING. Trust in His knowledge. He knows more than us. He loves you more than you can possibly know and he knows each one of you. YOU ARE HIS CHILD. Remember, that I love you all too! And I´ll talk you soon! :) Have a great week!

Elder Yates

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