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Sunday, December 4, 2011

oh what do you do in the summer time....‏

when all the world is green?

Greetings Bloggers! How is everyone? 'm doing great because we had BAPTISMS!!! Hermana Galdis was baptized by her grandson Brayon and Hermana Oralia asked ME to baptize her!! I of course was honored :) The pictures are kinda a funny story. Brayon, Hermana Gladis grandson, didn't have white pants that fit him, and he and I are the same size pants so I told him we could just share. We played rock, paper, scissors to see who would get to baptize first, and he won. So that is why I'm not wearing white pants. Because Brayon is wearing them. But don't worry. I baptized in white pants, they were just wet when I put them on :P

We are planning another baptism for this weekend!! Another Hermana we have been teaching says she wants to get baptized this Sunday and there wasn't any arguements from us. :) So we are planning her baptism this Sunday! I'm so excited for her! 

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get a hold of the familia Estrada. They have been working everytime we stop by. But thankfully, Jorge and Lydia have been available. We had another lesson with them and challenged them to get married and then baptized, and they agreed!!!! We planned the wedding for the 10th of December and the baptism on the 18th. So they are going to get baptized! They are great. Sadly, we have changes on the 14th of December so one of us might not be here for their baptism! I hope I don't get changed! I want to stay here! 

Elder Ortega and I are wroking very hard and finding lots of hopeful familys. We feel we can find enough people to baptize in Janurary to have 204 baptisms! It's going to be great. I'm so excited. 

I hope everyone is doing fantastic! I miss each one of you very much. Thank you for your support. I will be home in a quick 18 months. Crazy to believe that I reach 6 months next week. AHHHHH. where does the time go?! Anyway, I love you all and hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I`ll talk to you soon! love you! 

Elder Yates

Elder Yates and Elder Ortega eating McDonalds

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