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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today is the day of love....

Buenas tardes amigos! How is everyone? Well everything is hunkey dorey here. We are just working hard in the heat. It is definitely getting hotter here! Oh well, it makes lemonade taste that much better! :)

Everything is going well. Arcy was scheduled to get married and baptized this coming weekend but sadly, she wants to wait till the 3rd of March so she has more time to prepare everything. We told her to not worry about it, that we could do everything but she insisted and so we had to respect her wishes. It sucks though. We should still have a baptism coming up soon! :) and baptisms make me super happy!! Hooray!!!

We also have a new family attending church! They are the familia Manzia. They are SUPER UPER DOOPER poor. But they are very humble and willing to learn. The problem is though they are very slow learners because neither of them went to school, so they don't know how to read. On top of that, they have 5 kids, the oldest is 9 and the youngest is 5 months.  They seem really willing to learn. Because of their poorness, they aren't married and they don't have any money to spend on that. So we are working with them right now to see if their willingness to go to church and learn is because they want to progress in the gospel, or because they get benefited. This sadly, has happened to many missionaries that I know, so we just need to be careful and follow the spirit.

We had interviews that past week. I told President Brough a lot of my doubts and stuff and told me to not worry about it. He said that I was doing just fine. That I had a lot of responsibilities very early on in my mission and that I have every right to feel overwhelmed. But, he also told me that there was a reason the Lord called me to those positions in this area at this time with this companion: because the Lord knows I can do it. I know he´s right. I can do it. So I felt a lot better afterwards and just put myself right back to work. Interviews always make me feel better.

Also this week I went on divisiones with the District Leader. His name is Elder Horrocks from Utah. He has about 15 months in the mission. He came over to my area and we kicked it hardcore gringo style. It was fun, I learned a lot.  I even learned a tiny bit of Tzutuil. Its a language that he learned when he was in the mountains serving. There is only one area in our mission that doesn't speak Spanish and he went there and was there for about 8 months. So he learned this language called Tzutuil. So cool! I want to go there now! hahaha.

Also, something else funny that happened this week is that Elder Vargas and I bought ice cream one day and I spilled some on my tie and he called me a puro niƱo. or a child. hahahaha. I laugh because its 100% true. :)

Well that's about it. Thank you for everything. I sent a bunch more letters so be on the look out for them! I love you all very much and I´ll see all of you in just over 15 months! :) LOVE YOU!!! oh and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

Elder Yates

Elder Yates and Elder Vargas in their Valentine Day Ties
Elder Yates and Chick
Little Girl and Chick


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