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Sunday, February 5, 2012

ebony and ivory‏

Pues, hola! Como les va? Super bien espero yo. Everything is going good here. So we had changes! And I got a new companion! His name is Elder Vargas and he is from the Dominican Republic. So, back to speaking Spanish ALL the time again haha. It's ok though. Spanish is like my second language now. If you know anything about Dominicans it's that they are very difficult to understand, VERY difficult. They speak super fast and drop a lot of letters when they speak. It`s just how they are raised. The first time I met him, he asked me a question and I was like ``huh?``, slowly but surely I am getting used to it. Many of the people here don't understand him either, just because he talks so different. But it's good. He has 5 months in the mission. Now I know what you're thinking. ``Hey, but Elder Yates, you have more time than that.`` Yes it`s true. It`s because I have been bumped up to Senior Comp! Eeeeek!! Already I`m senior companion! Most people don't go up till they hit the year mark! And I only have 8 months! Oh well. I know the Lord knows I`m ready even if I don't think I`m ready and I trust the Lord more than I trust myself. Thats how it`s supposed to be. :) The reason this email is titled ebony and ivory is because I`m ivory, and my companion is ebony! Elder vargas is black so I`m sure it looks kinda weird seeing us two walk around together. We get along fine and are here to do work! haha. We haven't taken any pictures yet so I`ll send some next week!
As for Elder Porter, he got sent to Amatitlan. Its in between the coast and the capital, poor thing is going to freeze to death haha. My companion right now is dying though haha. He says he is in puro infierno, or pure hell. haha. I was the same way when I got here though. He`ll get used to it fast though.
This past week, I just introduced the area to my companion. He has gotten to know the members and recent converts and some of the investigators. We have also found 2 families that seem pretty positive so I`ll keep you guys updated with them.
Well thats about it from my end of things. Just changes were the only thing that really happened this week. Well friends and family. I love you all! I hope the best for all of you and I pray for you everyday! Keep doing the things you`re supposed to be doing and I will too down here. Keep safe, and as my grandfather (and grandmother) says, always say your prayers and wear clean underwear. They are the best. :) LOVE YOU!
Elder Yates

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