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Friday, March 8, 2013

a day with President Brough

is a great day indeed. And actually, he is going to leave and visit with us today! It's going to be so great! I'll let you know how it goes (next week).

Today we had a zone conference and it went so good. It was just us here in Escuintla and President Brough helped us a lot in how to have shorter lessons that are more effective lessons to help budget our time better. Many missionaries are having super long lessons and when they go back to visit they realize that the investigators don't rememebr anything that the missionaries taught the first time. So it was a great and effective zone conference and I learned a lot.
We have a new family that we are teaching (between the 4 of us) named Family Pacheco. They are really pilas and were able to attend church on Sunday. They REALLY enjoyed it and are progressing really well. The dad is William and his wife Patricia and their son Kevin who is 11. We also found another family last night that had been praying  that we would show up. They are Familia Alvisuris. The mother Haidé and her husband Marcos. She had always seen us pass by her house and she made the comment to God that if one day, we talked to her, she would receive us and listen to the message we bring. Well last week we talked to her and she LOVED the message as well as her husband. They have 4 patojitos (kids) and want to come to church this week!
We are having lots of success and lots of fun. Once we all got to know each other, things in the house go a lot better. We are joking a lot more with each other and working really well as a foursome. It is great. I like where I am right now and the things that are happening. I am happy. :) The mission is treating me great. I think I am going to have one more change in this area and finish my mission training or something. I feel that is what is going to happen, pero solo Dios sabe, and until then, I will keep working like a missionary.
Also, the volcano exploded again this week and it was so pretty, promise. My beloved companion, Elder Garcia, wanted to test his baseball skills by throwing a rock at a wasps nest. First try, he nails it. I have never ran so fast in my whole life. I promise. haha. But it was a fun experience. haha.
Welp, love you. Keep working hard. Have fun, study. Don't forget about me. Say your prayers and laugh everyday and remember that I love you. (that's a lot of advice!) :)

Elder Ya-tes

Elder Maldonado's Birthday Cake


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