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Sunday, March 3, 2013

a new mission...

is going to be made in Guatemala! Guatemala Coban Mission. Woop Woop!

Hey hey! So this past week has been good. We are trying to get in the swing of things here in Golondrinas as a 4 some companionship. It is fun actually. Kind of weird honestly, but fun. Living 4 in the house is good. It's hard because the house is kind of small but it's good. It gets a lot dirtier a lot faster but there are more hands to make the work lighter. It's going to take some getting used to, but I will figure it out haha.

So yes! There is going to be a new mission in Guatemala. They are making 3 in Central America (another in Honduras and another in El Salvador) so there are going to be 6 missions in Guatemala: Central Mission, South Mission, East Mission, Coban Mission, Quetzaltenango Mission, and Rhetahuela Mission. Yeah! The work is progressing! But what does that mean for us? They are going to be rearranging the boundaries of our mission. We are going to lose 2 zones in the capital to the South Mission (Zona Nimajuyu and Zona Mariscal) and we will be receiving another zone in the coast (Zona Tiquisate (which I would LOVE to go to haha)). All of these changes are going to start taking effect soon but the actual changes won't happen until July. So it looks like I will be in the clear and that I will be finishing my mission here in the Central Mission (phew!). So I am really excited for the changes that are going to go down. How special, huh?
Well other than that nothing too exciting has happened this week. We found and caught an iguana in our house this week. I named him preston. Then we let him go. It was a fun experience. Also, this last week, a nearby volcano began to erupt lava (at night!) and it was gorgeous. It was a small eruption, but it was so pretty. I promise. But I had left my camera at home so I wasn't able to take a picture. oh well.
Another big focus we have right now is making Escuintla a Stake! Right now it is a distrcit and therefore there are no wards, just branches. President Brough wants to send the request in before General Conference so there is possibility that Escuintla becomes a stake! How cool would that be? And I get to be part of the magic. Our challenge right now? attendance. So we are visting ALL the innactives in the area to get them to come back to church so that we can qualify to become a stake. So pray for the (future stake) of Escuintla!
We are working hard. Finding new people to teach always and setting high goals. It's what missionaries do. I love you all and I invite you to read ALL of Helaman 5. It is great. What an amazing chapter. Keep saying your prayers and don't forget to laugh everyday! I wuv you!!!
Elder Jates. (thats how they say it here)
Elder Yates and his Companions eating ice cream

Catholic Church in Antigua

Elder Lagos' "Family"

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