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Friday, March 22, 2013

Miss Dina, Miss Dina‏

got baptised on Sunday! pictures to follow.

Hey! so Miss Dina got baptized on Sunday! The service was great and she bore her testimony after saying that we (the missionaries) came into her life right when she needed us and that she was grateful to her Father in Heaven for that. She was really emotional and it was great. She said that she is always going to endure in the church!

As for Familia Alvisuris, they came to church again! and they liked it again :) which is great. The mother Hayde is really great and wants to keep going to church forever and gets baptized and the whole shabang. But, the hubby is a bit more slow. He believes in God and everything but he has got some bad habits that he knows he needs to change but it is a little hard for him.  But we keep motivating him and helping him and he is progressing poco by poco. What a great family!

The other family that we are teaching is the Familia Pacheco. They are great and they are progressing nicely. But the mother, Patricia still hasn't recieved a firm answer if the church is true. So we keep animating them and helping them to recieve the answer that the church is true. After recieving the answer that it is, is when the blessings come. So satanás will do everything in his power to prevent people from getting that answer. I got my answer! Do you have yours?

This Sunday was neat because a returned missionary from Utah came to visit with his parents and wife. His name (was) Elder Beck and he was here in Escuintla about 3 years ago. It was sooooo cool to talk to him and his parents. His parents didn't know ANYTHING of spanish nor did his wife, but they were so happy to be here with their son and experience the culture, meet the people, and endure the heat of the coast. haha. His mother told me that in not to long, MY parents were going to back here to visit again just like they were doing. I know she is right. Decemeber baby! Parents, are you ready?!! :D

So overall it was a great week. Yesterday was our zone pday and we played soccer and bought pizza. I got sunburned and now I'm tomato red. Worth it? You betcha. I love playing some soccer. You should try it! How's the weather up there anyway in the states. I bet its getting better now right? nice and toasty. :) Play some soccer! It's good excercise and you'll have fun. Don't forget to laugh everyday. It makes the stress go away and always say your prayers. General Conference is coming up! Has everyone finished the book of mormon yet? I'm ALMOST done! 4 Nephi baby! everyone should read 3 nephi 11. It is my favorite chapter in ALL the book of Mormon. ask yourself, ''What would I have done if I was among the multitude?'' it's great :) love you lots and lots. Have a great week!!!!!!

Elder Jates

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