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Saturday, June 8, 2013

a week full of fun.

What a great week! Lemme explain why...

Heyyyy! So I'm in a super good mood right now! First off, MARISOL GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Por fin! That was great. We kept talking to her about putting her faith in God and taking the first step in the waters of baptism. and she finally agreed! and she asked ME to baptize her. haha. It didn't take much convincing! That was on Saturday, then on Sunday, she got confirmed and her twin sister got all her mission papers done to go on a mission. Marisol wants to go on a mission too but she has to wait just a short little year. It is going to go by fast!

Also on Sunday, we had a stake baptism! In total, we had 8 baptisms on Sunday and little Marcos was part of it. It was great and so spiritual. His whole family came and now his mother is active in the church again after about 2 and a half years of not going. So that was great too. President Brough came and the mission president of south mission so we got to meet and talk with him a little too. They are getting nimajuyu ready for the big change! (after I leave!) 

Also, on Friday I got word that the elder in Guajitos 2 was going to have emergency changes with an elder in the coast. who was the elder in the coast, none other then ELDER MONTERO! My old companion. He is awesome! so he is in my district and we get to see each other lots and lots. Actually we are going to finish our missions together. So that's why I have the picture with him at Antigua. We went together and it was great. Tons of fun. 
Lastly, we got word yesterday from President Brough that we were the most successful district this past week and so we got invited AGAIN to the house of President Brough to have district meeting and eat lunch. It was great. We just got back. AND Hermana Brough even made chocolate chip cookies. aka. heaven. I haven't eaten those since I got to this country. They made me smile and I got to bring the extras home in a bag. Helllooooo dinner :)
Welp, that's about it now, only a couple more weeks left! I'm almost there. Have a great week. Laugh lots and lots and read your scriptures everyday! I love you!! 

Elder Yates

Elder Yates in Genie Pants

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