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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another day, another quetzal.

Welcome everybody to my blog!! Hope you are all having the best day of your lives today, and if not, there´s always tomorrow ;) Well this week has been adventerous. Elder Lagos had a meeting that was only for older missionaries so I didn't have to go! So Thursday and Friday I went on divisiones with another newbie whos companion went with mine to the meeting. We went to his area called Santa Elena. It's up in the mountains! It was so cool! I loved his area. It was so rural (it kinda reminded me of Fallon). There were cows just chillin in the streets and people were riding horses through the town. I walked outside and asked my companion why it was so foggy. I couldnt see 10 feet in front of me. But he told me that it wasn't foggy. It was a cloud! And sure enough I could see the ´´fog´´ moving! I was standing in a cloud! So cool. The people were so humble up there. Many of the homes didn't even have electricity. So, we were teaching this one family and had to use a candle to read the Book of Mormon. Such a neat experience. Also it rained up there harder than it did in my area! I didn't think that was possible! Also that night, when I was trying to go to sleep, there was an earthquake! It was pretty big too, but I didn't die :) Come to find out, Santa Elena is constructed right next to an active volcano and that's the reason there was the earthquake. My companion says it happens all the time. It felt cool. :)

This week was pretty tough for us. My companion and I were gone all Thursday and Friday for the meetings and then Saturday, Elder Lagos got really sick, so we couldn't leave the house Saturday because he could barely get out of bed, so that day was rough. And then come to find out, the family Ralack who have a fecha baptismal, have to wait a while because the dad is married to someone else! Blast!!!!!!! So we have to divorce him for that wife and then marry him to his actual wife and then baptize them. But they are willing to do whatever it takes so we definitely have our work cut out for us.

So yesterday here in Guatemala it was a big day. It was the elections! The people were going nuts trying to vote. There was like hardly anyone at church because they all had to go out and vote! The new president will take office in January, so that has been going on like crazy here.  But other than that nothing else is really new. It rains everyday. Oh wait but thats not new. :P

I have alot of letters to mail to you guys but many of you are back at school and I don't have your school addresses so please send them to me! I love you all times infinity and I will talk to you next week! Keep reading your scriptures and doing the things your are supposed to do and you will be blessed! :) Love you!

Elder Yates

PS the picture is us making tortillas on a pday! yummy!!!!

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