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Monday, September 5, 2011

I love Guacemole!

No seriously. I do. I never realized before but guacemole is really good and so is avocado. Yummy! I eat it all the time here!  The food here is awesome! the other day we had hot dogs! but this is how we ate them. Lined the bun with guacemole, then inserted the hot dog, then covered it with shredded lettuce and mayonaise and it was delicious! I ate 4 of them! Then we had tortillas lined with guacemole and mushed black beans, then put chicken and scrambled egg on it and i got sick off it I ate so many. SOOOOO delicious. I love Guatemalan food!

 I GOT MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately last week when we were supposed to baptize mother and son Kony and Dicxon, a small problem arose and so they changed the date of their baptism to the 27th. Everything went perfectly! Son Dicxon asked me to baptize him!!!!! SO COOL!!!! Even though we had to do it twice because his foot came up the first time. Such an awesome expereicence. Also we have another couple investigating, their names are Alma and Lorenzo. They are such a humble couple and very poor. They both JUST turned 18 so they are still young and in loveeeeee :) Thats why we are working with them to get married! And then baptized! Yay! Just yesterday even, a member in the ward donated an old bed that he was using to them. They were sleeping on the ground before! They were so happy to receive it! So awesome! I love being a missionary!

Also, before I forget, Morgan Ashley Howard (Martinadale). I received your dearelder THIS week so I apologize for not putting you in the last email. I miss you like CrAzY and can't wait till I can see you again. I will try and write you a letter and send it to the university your are studying your little butt off at right? mkay good :) Love you Morg and take care.

I think you are right about the trpoical storm here. It rained yesterday for about 8 hours STRAIGHT. Didn't stop once. All the streets were flooded and we had to be super careful and walk on all the curbs. Its unreal the rain here. I wish you could all experience it. Anyway.

Well its time for me to wrap it up! I love you all and can't wait to read your dearelders that I know you are sending me! :) Talk to you guys soon! Keep praying and reading your scriptures of course ;)

With love,
Elder Yates

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