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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Ha! Maybe not. Actually. The last week hasn't been that bad. But when it does rain, its rains, hard. So hard actually that our roof flooded and the water is leaking in through the walls. Hahahaha. Oh gosh. Guatemala.

Hello friends and family! I hope you are all doing flippen fantastic! I am doing flippen fantastic. My companion and I have been working very hard to find new people since our last baptism. We found one family that is awesome! WE have visited with them only a couple times but they are ready for baptism! We scheduled it later this month! So stay tuned!! Also, we got Lorenzo and Alma to commit to baptism too! They are the ones that didn't have a bed but we gave them one. They are such a good couple. Their marriage is set for the 18th (they are both 18!! so young!) and then their baptism the 25th of this month. So stay tuned! :)

Oh and a very merry Birthday to two of my most favorite girls in the whole world Mary Christensen and her daughter Darcy. Darcy just turned 1 and Mary turned 21! Or thereabouts ;) Happy Birthday and I miss you and love you!

SO I have come to a conclusion about the people here. There are 2 types of people towards the missionaries. The very nice smile and say hi types of people. And then there are the people that won't even give you the time of day. I think this is because we are missionaries and they think we are here to change peoples religions (which is partly true) and they don't think people should meddle with other peoples religions. The people here are EXTREMELY religious. For serious. They have their religion and you have yours and all religions are good and you shouldn't mess with that. Oh well. I am still very friendly to these people because I love them, even though when I say Buenos Dias they just grunt at me. Oh wellllllll :)

I also had a great service opportunity. A families house that isn't in our area, got destroyed by a minor landslide so my companion and I went and helped them rebuild their home in a completely new spot. We started from scratch! I can now build a house ya´ll!! I felt like Bob the Builder out there, well minus the whole no singing tools thing. And I didn't sing  because the family was pretty bumbed that their house was no more. But giving service is fun! So everyone drop what you are doing and go serve someone and then thank me later :)

Also, we had a meeting in the capital for all the newbies and their trainers. The APs decided to do an excercise and have the newbies teach them (the APs) lesson one. Thankfully I didn't get picked. PSYCH! I did! With two LAtinos!! I have the worst luck and I had to do it in front of the president and his wife. I almost peed down both legs when they called my name, but I think I did good. The president and his wife both told me they were pretty impressed. Next thing you know I´ll be AP. hahaha. no.

I apologize that I still haven't written any letters. SO if you think I have sent you one, no. I haven't. I haven't sent anyone a letter. It's hard on p-days because we don't have time. We have to clean and go shopping and stuff like that, but I promise I'll get better and start sending some loveeeeeee :) Love you all times a million. I miss you all like crazy. And I tried sending some pics back today but the computer is being STUPID! BOTHERED!!! oh well. I'll try again next week. Take care ya´ll! Read your scriptures and pray!

Elder Yates

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