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Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the time has come once again....

Greetings earthlings. I`m glad you have returned to my blog! or if this is your first time reading this, welcome! :) haha anyway. So I hope you guys are super awesome, hard to believe that January is quickly coming to an end. Crazy! Time just keeps going by! Wow, and now everyone is back in school for their second semester! Que loco!

Well anyways, the time has come again for changes. They are tomorrow. And the verdict is...... I`m leaving!! Nah I`m just kidding. But, it wouldn't have suprised me. Thankfully, I`m staying. My companion on the other hand, IS leaving. :( That makes me sad but such is life. Elder Porter and I got along very well and never disagreed on anything. We worked very hard together and always enjoyed ourselves. It was a great change and I learned a ton from him. He is a great missionary. So we`ll see who they send in his place. He has been in the area I am currently in for 6 months so that Pobrecito is ready to leave. He is sad too, and he has an interview tomorrow morning which means he`ll probably become district leader! :) 

But I`ll let you guys know how that goes NEXT week. There are like 20 nuevos (or newbies) coming in this change so there are going to be a ton of nuevos and tons of trainers. It isn't very common to get nuevos in my zone because its far away from the capital where the nuevos have a lot of meetings. We will be getting 3 nuevos which is alot, usually we get one or none. It'll be cool,  most of them will end up in the capital, which is great because the capital is awesome. I love the capital. I love my area right now too but I would like to eventually return to the capital in the future. 

This week has been kind of a slow week. Not too much has happened. We had a Zone Council just for the Zone of Escuintla and President Brough came to fix a couple minor problems in the Zone and then teach us how to work with the members better. Our zone is the hardest in the mission to work with members because it is so hot that the members are super lazy and don't want to help. But we are going to work on it. In my area, the members think helping means giving the missionaries food, which IS a help, just not the help we are going for. hahaha.  

Rosario and Kevin were confirmed on Sunday! Kevin got the Aaronic Priesthood. They are so awesome. I love them. I wish I could have found them and started teaching them from the beginning but I feel that I did teach them a lot and helped prepare them for their baptism. They are so awesome and their testimonies are SOOOO strong. It is a great testimony to me and they are such an inspiration. 

Well earthlings. That's about it here on this side of heaven. I love all of you a tonnnnnn! I'm going to send letters tomorrow so be on the look out for them! Keep being awesome and doing awesome things and I will do the same here.  I`ll update you next week as to what changes are being made in the mission. BYE!!! 

Elder Yates
a sweet handmade stuffed giraffe I bought in Antigua

Our district, just the four of us and President Brough and his wife

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