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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good day laddys.

Buen Día Jovenes. How is everybody doing? Super good? Excellent. Everything is going good here. We had changes! Elder Vargas went to the capital! He got out of the heat that lucky dog. But he really didn't want to leave. One change in an area just isn't enough time and I can testify of that (*cough Villa Nueva *cough). But my new companion is Elder Gonzalez. He is from........Dominican Republic. There are 5 Dominicans in this mission and two of them have been my comps. He is good. He has 7 and a half months in the mission. We actually were in the MTC here in Guatemala together. But because I was in the MTC in Provo, I half more time than he does. But it is good. We are getting along good. That pobrecito just came from Patzun in Sololá where it is nothing but cold. They went out at 2 pm in sweaters and scarfs. Needless to say, the coast is a tad bit different for him and he is struggling to get accustomed to the heat. But its good. poco a poco.

So this week was kind of a shock for us. President Brough wants EVERY companionship to baptize someone on April 1 this year. So my comp and I were thinking to baptize the Familia Estrada. They are progressing really well. But she told us that she unfortunately is married to someone already......and he lives in Mexico. Freaking Mexico. So there isn't much we can do because she doesn't know where he is in Mexico. The only thing is that we can fill out a paper that says she doesn't know where her spouse is living and he could possibly be dead. Then we wait a while and then she can get divorced. But the problem is that it could take up to 2 years to wait. Poop. But we are praying and fasting and putting our trust in the Lord that he will help us find another solution. Your prayers would really be great too because they are such a great family.

Also we have been talking to Nancy. I think I've mentioned her a few times but she can't get married because she is only 17 and doesn't have permssion from her mother. But we learned that we only need the signature from one of her parents, not both. And her father is in agreement. So right now we are planning for her to get baptized the 1st of April. We just need that signature! :)

Other than that, nothing is too exciting. Semana Santa is getting close. It is a week celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the states, we just have one day: Easter. Here, and I imagine other Latin Countries, celebrate it for a week. A week full of parties and drinking and everything. And just our luck, they celebrate it mostly in the coast. Everyone from the capital and other parts of Guatemala come to celebrate Semana Santa at the beach. So it may get interesting here. But I`ll keep ya`ll updated. I love you all muchismo and can't wait to hear from you! Now I`ll send pictures to show my love! Take care and be safe!!

Elder Yates

Elder Vargas and Elder Yates
Familia Estrada
Familia Melgar
Familia Moncho
Familia Rodriguez
Elder Ortega's Last Day
Elder Gonzalez and Elder Yates

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