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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I think the sun is getting closer‏

because the days are getting hotter!

Hola a todos! Como están ustedes? Super bien espero yo. Everything is going good here, apart from the heat. Puchica, the heat seriously is killer. Everyone says April brings the worst of it.  

But, apart from that, everything is going good. Unfortunately, the time has come again to change the missionaries around. I was sure that Elder Vargas and I were going to stay together but the Lord had other plans for us. Elder Vargas is leaving! and I`m staying here 6 more weeks, at least. I am glad I`m staying but I wish Elder Vargas was staying with me because I'm sure you could tell from our fotos that we get along really well. Although it stinks, that's the mission. Also, this is the last change of my panamainian companion Elder Ortega. He is going home! So that's awesome. I`m so happy for him. But thats changes for ya. Next week I`ll let you know everything that went down. So stay tuned!

So we are teaching a family right now called the Familia Estrada. I can't remember if I've mentioned them. We found them from just a contact I did. He was outside his house making a hammock and I asked if we could pass by another day. We did and the mother had a lot of doubts because she had heard that we worship idols of wood. We quickly cleared up these rumors and she felt a lot more comfortable. They have a son named Benigno. He was born with 2 club feet and his arms are twisted backwards. When we met them, one of his feet was fixed and they were praparing to fix the other. They just got back a couple weeks ago and now he has a giant cast on his whole leg. Oh and he`s 6 by the way. They told us that before we came, the niño was having lots of problems with bad dreams and they said his last surgery was really rough because he reacted weird to the pain pills the doctor gave them.  They were worried about that this time too. But they said since we have been visiting them, everything has been quiet and tranquilo, no bad dreams or anything like that. They told us that they took it as a sign from God that they were being blessed for listening to us and they want to get baptized! The thing is, they've never been to church! That haven't been able to because the niño is unable to go and they don't want to leave him alone. They have a daughter who's 12 whose been attending and she loves it! So we are going to start on getting them married now, so when the niño can move, they can go to church and get baptized. They are great! So stay tuned with them.

That's about it right now in Puerta de Hierro Escuintla Guatemala. Thanks for everything you guys do. I love all of you and hope you got my letters! I'm going to try and write more and send them out soon. Keep being awesome and doing good things and I will see you all in a very quick 15 months!! :)

Elder Mason Yates

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  1. Kelli,

    Here is the address of President Brough's sister. They are leaving on March 22.

    Dalene Magill
    523 N 1100 E
    Layton, UT 84040

    Shelly Hubbard