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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today is another big day....

Because it's my father's birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Father!

Well everyone. I have tragic news. Child services took my child away from me. The visa of Elder Reyes came and he left yesterday to go to Mexico. It kind of sucks (ok it sucks A LOT) becasue we got along GREAT and we only had 2 weeks together. And they even told us at the beginning of the change that we were going to spend at least the first change together, it doesn't matter when his visa was going to come. But, I talked to President Brough last week and said that it DID come and that his mission president there needs him asap, so yesterday he left :( My new comp is Elder Loayza. he only has about 5 months. He is from.......Peru! It's cool. He is from Trujillo and for those of you that know Peru, he LOVES Inca Cola. :D Although I miss Elder Reyes, I know that I don't understand the workings of the Lord so I trust that it was for the better.

We had a baptism this weekend! I met a hermana this past week who I thought was a member and it turns out that she isn't! She has been going to church regulary. Unfortunately, she isn't married and her husabnd isn't the type to want to get married. But we are working with her. But in the meantime, her 8 year old son wanted to get baptized. And he wanted to do it this past weekend. So we taught him all week and set up the baptism and he got baptized. He even asked me to do it! First baptism with Elder Reyes! I wish he had done the baptism but he will have plenty in Mexico. It was a great experience.

Right now we are still working with Hermana Mery and her husband Jose because he wants to get baptized. She is a member already and he's not but like always, they need to get married first. They actually got married before but the lawyer didn't register the marriage right. Getting them married again shouldn't be a problem. So pray for them please!

We do have a couple other families that we are working with. I will let you know how they progress! As for now, I'm going to leave it there so I can send pictures. Thank you all for everything. I love each one of you. Yo sé que la iglesia es verdadera. yo les amo y no puedo esperar hasta que yo les vea de nuevo. Cuidense bastante y sigan orando y siendo bien calidad. Hablaremos pronto! oh y Feliz Cumpleaños a mi papá! Te amo Papá! Tu eres mi Papá favorito en todo el mundo! :) Espero que tengas un dia buenismo porque tu lo mereces. :) Te AMO!

Elder Yates

At the beach with Elder Reyes

Eating cake with Elder Reyes

Being Goofy

At the beach with Elder Reyes

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