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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I gave birth....

to a little Latino Missionary. I am his Father. His name is Elder Reyes and his is actually from Mazatenango; like 40 minutes from our area. His is brand new and fresh out of the CCM (MTC). He completes a month of his mission this coming Saturday! He actually isn't assigned to this mission though. He was called to serve in the Mexico Mexico City South Mission, but his visa hasn't come through yet. So once it comes, he´s out. How long is that going take? Solo Dios sabe. But we are going to enjoy our time together while it lasts.

Good day everyone. How is everyone doing? Everything is going good here. So like a already explained, I´m training! In the mission, there are some things that I didn't know. Your first area is where you are born and your first companion is your father. And your last area is where you die. So the mission is kinda like life. So right now, I am a Father. I have a son. His name is Luke. Ah just kidding. He is Elder Reyes. :)

So this past week has been great. Ive been learning A TON from Elder Reyes. He is great. We get a long good and have fun. I really appreciate Elder Lagos a lot more now because being a trainer is really hard. He was under a ton of pressure. But thanks to his example, I've learned a ton of things that I can do to be a great Trainer, a great companion, and a great start to a mission.

This past weekend, we had the confirmation of Angelica, the niña of familia Estrada. It went great. Now we are working with the other niña, Faviola, so she can get baptized too. The only problem is, she is TERRIFIED! When she was a little girl, she fell out of a boat when she went fishing and almost drowned, and since then, she has never liked the water at all. She does want to get baptized but she would prefer that it wasn't in water to do it. Too bad there is no other way to recieve a remission of sins.

Also, yesterday something crazy kinda happened. SO we had a meeting in the capital for all the nuevos and their trainers. The meeting started at 9:30 so we left at 6:30 to be there on time. There is usually traffic in the Capital but we planned it that if there was, we would still be on time. But what we didn't take into account was that there was going to be a protest yesterday and there were going to be tons of people sitting in the highway in protest. What they were protesting? I have no idea. But traffic wasn't moving a inch. So we had to get off the bus and walk to the meeting. Thankfully, we were pretty close and only had to walk a couple miles. But that was my experience. We showed up about 20 minutes late. And we were early. President Brough didn't show up until about 11:30 because he was so far away. And thankfully, getting home was a bit easier.

So everything is going good here. Elder Reyes and I are working hard and finding people to baptize. Being a missionary is great. And if I'm not mistaken, aren't finals this week at BYU? Let me know how everyone is doing and how the tests went! I want to know! :) I love you all very much and I pray for you everyday. Keep being awesome and we´ll see each other real soon :)

Elder Yates
Elder Lagos, Elder Yates and Elder Reyes

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