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Thursday, May 17, 2012

how beautiful the sound‏

of my family's voice! I loved talking to them. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!

Well ya'll, this week was sickkkk. We had a baptism yo! and baptisms always make me happy. :) Josè got baptized! On Saturday, he and his wife Mery got married. Everything went great and they looked great. Then on Sunday, we were going to have his baptism. But Saturday night, Sunday morning, it stormed. SUPER HARD. The thunder was so loud it woke me up and the wind was thrashing water on the windows. Outside was like straight christmas because the lightning kept everything lit up. And Sunday morning, it continued. But we made it to church. I play the piano at church now and this past Sunday my comp and I had to give a talk. And Mery and Jose didn't show up! Where could they be?! Today is his baptism!! I wanted to leave during sacrament meeting to go find them but I couldn't becuse I had to give my talk and everything. So I prayed really hard that everything was ok. After my prayer I felt relieved and felt the words ''its ok. everything is ok. Mery and Jose are just waiting for you. Go pick them up after sacrament meeting.'' So I calmed down a little. After saacrament meeting I talked to a member and asked if we could go pick them up. He told me to call them first to see if they were there. So I called them and Mery answered. ''Elder!'' she told me. ''We are here at the house waiting for you! We can't leave because of the rain! Can you come pick us up?'' :) claro que si I told her. So we picked them up and after church we had Jose's baptism! It went great and He felt so awesome afterwards. So did his wife. Mery bore her testimony during the service and started crying because she is now one step closer to being a family forever. She talked about all the blessings she has. Maybe God hasn't blessed her with the biggest house or a lot of money. But she has great, healthy kids, a loving husband without a single addiction and a happy home. What a great testimony to me! I was so grateful God let me be part of their lives and help them change their lives. I love them :)

Well the reason I didn't email this past Tuesday is because we had a meeting in Escuintla. Elder Amado of the Seventy came to talk with us! What an amazing experience! He was so great and I learned a ton. He talked to us about a TON of different things. But he talked to us alot about recognizing the spirit and helping our investigators recognize it too. I learned a ton of new things. It was great to hear from a servant of God, and somebody who works so closely with the prophet. What a neat experience.

On Friday I had to go to the capital for a retencion meeting. It was good and I learned a lot. I like retencion and understand the importance of it but I'm kinda hoping that this is my last change of it. Yuck, but hey, someones got to do it right? And it is possible that I contacted the WHOLE bus on the way to the Capital. Stand up in the front and yell at everyone to listen to the missionaries? Yeah. I did it. nbd.

Well other than that, nothing TOO exciting. We have another investigator that we are working with named Luisa. We are trying to get her married and baptized on the 27th but she lives very far away and that makes it hard. But poco a poco, little by little, she has the desire. Now we just got to make it happen, but everything is going great here. En serio. I love each and every one of you. Solo me falta la mitad de mi mision! Half of my mission gone! I'll see ya'll soooooooooon!!! I love you. I love the church. I love the gospel. I love the scriptures. I love life.

Elder Yates
Jose, Mery, Wilson, Alejandra.

Jose gettting baptized

Elder Loayza, Jose, Mery, Elder Yates
Elder Yates and Elder Loayza at the beach

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