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Sunday, August 12, 2012

There was just a car accident outside.

and the guy commited a hit and run. Guatemala sure is different then the states :)

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? Super good I hope. So this week has been a hard but great week. Let me explain.
This past week has been the hardest week of my mission. We had so many lessons lined up and everything but nobody has been home and those that WERE home gave us lame excuses as to why they didn't want anything. So we really were struggling this past week with finding new people and having lessons. Even some of the faithful investigators that we have been teaching didn't want anything. They decided to drop US! So it has been so hard and my comp and I got super discouraged.
Last Thursday we had the opportunity to have interviews with President Brough. Many say that the Mission President is one of the reasons someone gets called to a specific mission. I testify thats true. President Brough, apart from my parents, is the person that has MOST changed my life. It is incredible. I feel like he knows me better that I know myself sometimes. It's like he knew me before the mission. I told him our difficulties and struggles this past week and he was happy that I was passing through this! He told me that it is a blessing and that God is preparing me and my comp and the area to be able to baptize 300 people in September. He also gave me advice. ''Elder Yates'' he tells me ''Don't get discouraged. Pray to your Father in Heaven and tell him that you're here and that you are willing to pass through what ever trial for him. Tell him your thoughts and fears. Pray to him like your Father and he will help you. He knows you.'' Best advice ever???
So I did it. I returned that night after interviews and knelt down and told My Heavenly Father that I'm here. That I will ALWAYS be his instrument. That even if he doesnt bless me with success, I will always give my best. That I'm His child and I love him and will do whatever for him. And I have to tell you, it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I felt the spirit so strong and I know God heard my prayer and knows me. I felt edified and spiritually (and physically) uplifted. We finished the week and it didn't get any better. But for ME it did. I felt great about my week becasue I worked hard and gave it all I got. And I know that I worked hard because this week flew by. Seriously, even if it wasn't the best week ever, it still was a great week. And I learned a valuable lesson this week, thanks to a Mission President that can listen to the spirit and can discern MY needs. LEADERS ARE CALLED OF GOD!  And my Mission President is the best!
We also had Zone Pday yesterday! It was fun. We played capture the flag and my comp twisted his ankle. haha. He is better now. Yesterday in the night, he was limping everywhere! I was his temporary human crutch. But after a great nights rest, he's back at it haha.
Well nothing super exciting this week happened so no cool pics to send. But next week yes. promises. :) Thank you all for being awesome! I love you all and appreciate everything you do for me! Missions are the classroom for the rest of life. I have had a ton of tests. Many I've passed and many I've failed. But I have learned something very important from each of them. I love you and I love life. Laugh everyday and look for ways to serve and you'll be a happy child of God.
Elder Yates

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