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Sunday, August 5, 2012

and July has ended‏

I can't believe only one more month till BYU starts again! Que rapido!

Hey everyone! How are you doing?! Everything is going good here because we had a baptism this last week! One of our investigators named Furgencio got baptized on Sunday! His baptism went great and it was so nice. We were able to contribute to the 204 baptisms in the month of July. Sadly, as a mission we only reached 193 baptisms. We were so close!!!! We just need to focus on September now! 300 baptisms here we come! :)

So this week I was able to do divisions with a NEW absolutely GREEN missionary named Elder McQueen. He is from Utah and has about 2 months in the mission. HE IS SO YOUNG!!! Remember when I was that young? hahaha. It was great. He came up to my area and we worked hard up there. We got some good gringo time so that was fun.
Also as a zone we have put into effect 35 contacts a day to help us get ready for September. It is harder but we are being blessed for it! The more diligent we are, the more we will be blessed. Talking on buses is definitely the easiest way to get the contacts, but the most effective is knocking on doors. So we have to find a balance between those 2 methods of contacting.

I feel like my letters home are getting shorter and shorter. I apologize that there really isn't anything super awesome or super entertaining right now. We are just working hard and trying to find los escogidos, or the chosen people ready to hear the gospel. So that is all that we are up to right now. Elder Sanchez is awesome. He is the only member from his family who is a member of the church and he's the 3rd youngest of 14 kids. His testimony is rock solid and he brings the spirit so strong to every lesson. He loves to joke around and have fun. I'm his 3rd comp and his first 2 were very serious and he felt trapped so to speak. So with me, we get along great. So pray for us please!

Stay sweet and stay awesome. You're all great and I love you. Sorry not too many letters have been sent but I am going to try and find more time. I've been really busy lately. But laugh everyday and listen to the spirit and your life will be the best :) I promise

Elder Yates

Furgencio's Baptism

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