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Sunday, August 19, 2012

the truth about socks...

is that I need some! So parents, please send me some mission socks asap!
Hey yallllll... que honda? How's it all going over there in them states? Everything is going good here. Today is a beautiful sunny day and I am enjoying the weather. ahhhhh :)

This week has been good overall. The first of the week started off hard but got better towards the end of the week. God really can push you until you think you can't take anymore and then he blesses you. That is something I've learned about God, nothing is impossible. Not for God, nor us. Everything is possible. Everything.

Elder Sanchez and I have been working hard. The district as a whole is working really well in preperation for September, and so we are just trying to hold our own and do our part. And this week has started off good too. In our area right now, there is a fair going on so our area is full! It is in celebration of a virgin for the Catholic Church which is tomorrow, the 15th. There are games and stands and food and music. It's a fun time but it makes the work a TINY bit tough because nobody is in the house. Everyone is out celebrating. But its a fine time and everyone in our area is happy and feliz :)
We are working with a family named famialia Argueta. I think I've mentioned them but just in case. They are all members except for the dad who needed an interview with the president of the mission because of something very serious that he did. He had to read the whole Book of Mormon and a couple other things but he did it! My mission president sent his papers into the First Presidency so that they can review everything and they can give the ok to get baptised. So, we are just waiting for their response but it should come anyday now! Just have to have patience!! :)

Well this week was so boring that I didn't even take any pictures. I will get better! But yesterday for Pday we watched 17 Miracles. What a fantastic movie. I love it! EVERYONE should watch it! Seriously, they should, it's great.

Well thats a wrap folks. I pray that everyone is great and enjoying life. Life is too short to not be enjoyed. Laugh everday, don't worry about the little things, and just keep your head up towards the future. Everyone tell yourselves, ''today WILL be better than yesterday!'' so that way, your life will ALWAYS get better. words of a wise man???? you decide =)

Elder Yates

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