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Saturday, October 13, 2012

I have given birth.....again‏

to little missionary! His name is Elder Finch and he is from Mesa Arizona. He is the best!!

So YES! I'm training! And I have the best son in the whole mission. He contacted the whole bus on the way home from changes! Fijense en eso! The whole bus!! And I contacted my first bus like just a couple months ago. Pilas pues. haha.

So how did you love conference?! I LOVED IT! It was the best! I especially loved the talk from Elder Uchtdorf on Saturday morning. Life is not a race, it's a journey. Live life EVERDAY!! and love it too. His talk was great. I also LOVED the talk from Jeffrey R Holland about being followers of Jesus Christ, what a great conference. I hope that everyone could watch it and enjoy it and could learn something new. A theme of conference was CHANGE. The worlds standards are getting worse and we as members of the church of Jesus Christ must be better than the world! Let me know what your favorite talk was please :)
On other good news, our investigator David was able to go to conference and he also loved it. Hooray! And what do you guys think about the age changes? I think its great! We are going to get sooooo many more missionaries now! Especially sister missionaries, and sisters missionaries, are the best. Take my word for it.
So thank you parents for the new shoes. Now EVERYONE wants to be my friend. :) I'm sooooo stylish ya know ;)
Also, thank you Grandmother for the Halloween stuff. YOU'RE THE BEST: now my desk is super spooky :) thanks Grandma!

As for my friends, well, I am writing letters. They are slow but they are gettin written. (such good english huh? gettin written? ha!) but patience is a virtue. :) I love you and I am so proud of you alllll. BYU is awesome, I love Jimmer, and I'm still a red head, those are just some things that will never change. I love you and challenge you to laugh everyday and always follow that still small voice. Have a great week!
Elder Yates

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