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Friday, October 5, 2012

The result at the end of September...

was 314 baptisms!! and as a zone of Villa Hermosa, we had 64 baptisms!! What a blessing!!!

YES! 314 baptisms. Who would have thought it possible? Oh. WE DID of course! haha. What a blessing from God. Really. We have seen and witnessed enough miracles this month to last a lifetime. The mission record BEFORE President Brough got to the mission was 141 baptisms in the month of Feb of 2011. And now that record is 314. haha! How cool is that? Pretty cool huh? Now President Brough is talking about 350 baptisms and says that he wants to put 400 before his mission ends. I don't think I will be in the mission to see that goal realized, but I will help my junior companions NOW so they have the faith when that time comes. The most important is that our Junior comps always be better than us, that way, we CAN have goals like that and they don't seem impossible.
So this last weekend Jorge was confirmed and even given the priesthood! So in 2 weeks he is going to bless the sacrament! I love that family so much and I will never be able to forget them. And I will be part of their lives forever and ever as well. What a blessing. Like in D&C "how great shall be your joy if you even bring one soul to repentence." I testify that scripture is true.
So right now we are teaching a man named David Lopez. He is a 30 year old single man who loves to work out and used to drink a lot. He even took the discussions many years ago but he drank too much and was never able to get baptized. Well, a couple months ago, he was working out like crazy and drinking a lot and well, almost died. He collapsed and almost didn't wake up. But, he promised God that he would go to church (Catholic church) everyday if he saved him. He was saved and now goes to the catholic church. He LOVES what we are teaching him and has the desire to change. But he is really scared because he believes in the promise that he made to God. So please pray for him. We really want him to go to church on Sunday!
This last Pday, we went on a hike as a district! Behind the area of Villa Canales, there is actually a natural park. So we decided to go and it was sooooo much fun! We saw some beautiful things, some gorgeous sites of Guatemala, and had a great time as a district. It was a great time and it was nice to get out in normal clothes and just have some fun. I'll attach fotos for your viewing pleasure.
So that was my week. Its been raining quite a bit lately. But I bought a new umbrella and its a beast. I think it's a womans umbrella but who cares if it keeps me dry right? haha. The mission is great and you are great too. Thanks for the support. I love each and everyone of you. Have a great week, watch general conference, and laugh everyday.

Elder Yates
Ok yeah no. I think my memory card got a bug. It is not letting me access my pictures. So I am going to try and have a member fix it this week. I still have the extra memory card in the house so I pray that I have good news next week. This may be wrong but please pray that my pictures survive.


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