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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My son has his first convert.

and its David!

 Hey everyone! How are you all doing?! I sure hope you are super good because I am super good. My companion and I have been getting up at 5 every morning to go work out. So I'm tired everyday haha. But, it's a good tired, a satisfied tired.

Speaking of working out, my arms got a work out this week at the baptism of David! He was super unsure last week if he was ready. We told him to just do the interview and if he didn't pass, we would wait, and if he did pass, then he was ready. He agreed and passed the interview! So he got baptized on Sunday. We were also really nervous because his family is really Catholic and we weren't sure how they were going to respond to his decision. But they supported him! They even came to the baptism! After, his dad gave him a really big hug and told him that he's proud of him. Everytime we go visit him now or go to work out with him, his mom always makes us something to drink like mush or atol. Sooooo delish. So that has been a really great blessing for us and for him. His parents are our next assignment :)

Other than that, nothing has really happened. just working hard. We had a lot of meetings last week. It was a great opportunity to contact on the buses. Actually, we got over 400 contacts last week. pilas pues. So that's a cool acheivement. I really hope to be able to stay with Elder Finch one more change because we have been killing it together. But we'll have to see what God says. He may have different plans. But I pray that we can stay together.

Anyways, sorry the letters have kind of come to a stop. I have many of them written, I just haven't sent them yet. But remember that patience is a virture. I'm not really sure specifically what that means because I don't really know what the word virture means, but I interpret it as a good thing :) haha. Remember that I love you and I am proud of you. Missionary work is the most important thing in this world and really, everything else in the church is based on missionary work and bringing the children of God into His fold. Remember to always do your callings with missionary work in mind and you will be blessed. Continue to smile and enjoy life and as my smart, beautiful mother always says, laugh everyday. I have a pretty great mom don't I? :) Have a great week!!
Elder Yates

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