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Sunday, November 11, 2012

and the last week...

in this change is here. We have changes next week!! How fast this change went by. en serio.

HEY EVERYONE! wow what a busy week. So, this last Sunday, we had Stake Conference. They are going to make ANOTHER stake here! They are going to split the stakes of Villa Hermosa and Villa Nueva and make the stake El Frutal. and we will be in the new stake! So they came this week to annouce that, and when I say they, I mean Carlos H Amado of the Seventy and ALL the stake presidents and the mission president, President Brough. We had 6 investigators there! It was great! What an awesome day.
Something else that happened during stake conference is that they annouced everyone that would be receiving the Melchesidec (sp?) priesthood! Hermano Jose Luis Hernandez that got baptised in June (when I was with Elder Streeter) got the priesthood as well as Hermano Jorge Argueta!! Hooray! And remember Hermano Jorge Gomez from Villa Nueva? Jorge and Lydia? yeah. HE GOT THE PRIESTHOOD TOO!! Best day of my life, for serious.
What made the day even cooler is that in the night, we went by Hermano Jose Luis Hernandez and I asked him to give me a blessing with his newly acquired priesthood and he did! I love them. What an awesome day. and when you are asking why I needed a blessing, yes I am sick, with a really bad cold, to the point where I lost my voice. But I am doing great now. :) I even contacted the bus today :)

So on Monday, we made papusas! A very El Salvordanian food that is DELISH! They didn't turn out so hot becuase we had never made them before and well, we actually AREN'T in El Salvador. But we had tons of fun and even watched the movie 17 Miracles. Best movie ever. What a fun pday!
This morning we had a zone training, so that was fun. We learned how to contact better. We did lots of practices and learned how to do an effective contact in every place that we are able to contact, in church, at a door, in a tienda, or on a bus. Everywhere we are, we should be contacting! always. This last week, Elder Finch and I did over 400 contacts again, so it's easy to contact and we should ALWAYS be contacting.

And finally today, my companion cut my hair. It actually didn't turn out that bad and it was cheap too! Best comp ever award, oh and at lunch, we ate chicken feet. pictures attached.

Well my friends, that's about it. Everything is going great up here in Santa Elena. I love it. I hope to stay one more change. Please pray for that haha. Have a great week. Start thinking about Thanksgiving! Not for the food, but for the the things we are thankful for! ok and the food too. We sadly don't celebrate it here in Guatemala so everyone is already starting to think about Christmas! So I'm ok with that too. haha. Smile everyday, say your prayers and laugh everyday, and as my grandfather says, don't forget to wear clean underwear. :)

Elder Yates
Elder Yates and Elder McQueen in a bike taxi
Making Papusas
Eating lunch after divisions

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