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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween! year 2.

Happy Halloween ya´ll! Hope everyone is having a spooky time! Me and Elder Finch are for sure. Thanks to our mothers, we have some super scary costumes! I have some pics right now but the rest I´ll send next week. Send me pics of your costumes please! I would love to see them!
On Sunday, David was confirmed and Elder Finch confirmed him! How awesome is that? Something even more awesome is that Sunday was David's birthday! What a great present: the Holy Ghost and on top of that: the priesthood! How pilas, anyways, so on Monday, Elder Finch and I decided to go buy him a cake and celebrate with him. It was so much fun and he was so happy that we were there to celebreate with him. His family was very impressed and even cooked for us, pollo frito con arroz. mmMMmmm. so good. que buena honda. So that was a nice little treat. David is awesome!

A funny story about him, I mentioned a few weeks back that he was doing a lot of stuff that he shouldn't have been doing in the past, before we started teaching him, and he almost died from it. He told us that when he was between life and death, he promised God that he if lived, he would become a Priest in his church. Well he lived and went to go be a Priest for the Catholic Church, but they denied him saying that he was too old. So he left disanimated. But this Sunday, he recieved the priesthood and was confirmed to the office of Priest! haha. Wish came true he said. how cool is that?

So we have been working out with him everyday. We run to his house and do about a half hour of weights and then we run home. So it's been great. I'm getting stronger! or weaker depending on how you look at it because I am ALWAYS sore now haha. But it's a good sore. This week sadly, we won't be able to work out with him beacuse some members invited him to go camping up in Coban this week. So he wont get back until Friday. But oh well. It´ll be good for him to go hang out with some members.
This pday was fun. We went and played kick ball as a zona in Villa Hermosa. It was fun but I got sunburned. Should have thought that one through huh? puchica. oh well. haha. It's good for my complexion right? ....or maybe not.
But this week has been great. Right now we are also working with a girl named Blanca (who I accidentally called Hermanca because I combined her name with hermana and she couldn't stop laughing for like 10 mins. haha oops.) and she wants to get baptized on the 11th of November. Her parents are both memebrs but she studied every Sunday and could never get baptised. But right now they are in vacaciones and she wants to get baptized. So pray for her that everything goes good!
I can't believe this change is almsot over! How crazy. They just keep going faster and faster. Keep up the good work ya´ll and keep an eye out for some letters that I may have sent ;) I love you all so much and pray for you. Behave well and pray everyday. Follow the spirit and laugh everyday.

Elder Yates
David's Baptism

David's Birthday Cake

David's Birthday


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