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Monday, November 19, 2012

¨shakin¨ things up a bit‏

We have changes tomorrow!! and.......I am staying in the area and Elder Finch is too! Another change together!! haha
So I imagine that some of you may have heard that there was an earthquake down here in Guatemala. the truth is..... there was. It was last Wednesday. We had to go to another area in my district called Ribera del Rio. My companion and I were just walking in the street and the all of the sudden we stopped. ¨do you hear that?¨ I asked him. ´´Yeah what is that?¨ he asked. Then we looked down the street and we could see that all the telephone polls were shaking and rocking from side to side and people began running out of their houses. ´´Is this an earthquake?´´ I asked. ´´I think it is!´´ he tells me, and sure enough, it was. We just stayed there in the middle of the street watching the people run around and the telephone polls shaking. The earth didn't shake, it just moved, it was weird and hard to describe. And as quickly as it started, it was done. So, we continued on knocking doors and talking to the people. The last I heard, the death toll was just over 60 with over 100 people missing. But I'm not sure if that number has changed. Every missionary in the mission is great and unharmed. The earthquake hit the hardest in Retahuelu so I'm not sure about the missionaries there. The earthquake measured 7.5. and there was another 6.4 earthquake on Sunday. The earth is restless! Preparing for the end of the world ;)
As for other news, we had the baptism of Blanca on Sunday! and my companion Elder Finch got to baptize her! Everything went great. She was happy and her mother was too. Now everyone in their family is baptized. So that was a great blessing. It was a great service and Elder Finch now has his first convert. Hooray!
As for changes, WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER! but this next change is a week shorter because the Area Presidency wants all the missionaries to go home BEFORE Christmas. So this change ends the 19th of December instead of the 26th. It definitely has its pros and cons. We'll see what happens at the next changes! Tomorrow will be the first change meeting I HAVENT been too. So that'll be kinda weird. haha. As for other changes, I will have a brother in the mission! Elder Lagos is going to train again. I have been an only child for so long that it is going to be weird. And Elder Finch will have an uncle in the mission that has less time than he does haha.

Well that's about it my friends. I forgot to put the picture of me eating the chicken foot in the last email so I will do it today. Thanks for everything and all your support. I love you all so much. right now I am reading in Mosiah 27 about the conversion story of Alma the Younger. I challenge you all to read and ponder it. Read about the love Alma had for his son and read about how after he was converted, he suffered persecutions and afflictions, just like a REAL missionary :) laugh everyday and say your prayers. Have a great week!!
Elder Yates
Chicken Foot
Me eating it.....

Blanca's Baptism

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