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Sunday, December 23, 2012

time for my son and I to part ways....

Because we have changes tomorrow! And the word is in: I'm leaving!

So yep, after 5 changes in Santa Elena Barillas, I am finally leaving. It's bittersweet. I AM ready to leave but it makes goodbyes THAT much harder, but I'm excited. It's going to be good. Stay tuned for my email next week to find out where im going!

This week has been so busy, but its been great! Tuesday we went down to the Zone Leaders area in Prados and worked there for the day because Wednesday we had to be in the temple SUPER early. So Tuesday was great. We had fun. Then Wednesday we woke up at about 2 in the morning to get ready to go to the temple because we had to be there about 5 in the morning. But the temple was great. I felt rejunevantated espiritualmente. After the temple, we did service. Last year, we cleaned a school for the Christmas activity, this year, we painted the same school. It was lots of fun. After, we ate and played soccer and just hung out and played games. It was a great day. The best was when we got back to area, we went with Familia Valles and Hermano Rodolfo was able to change his papers!!!

So Thursday we woke up and went to Renap in Villa Canales and got all the papers we needed for the wedding of Familia Valles. We sent them later that day and got everything sorted out witht the Lawyer. Then Sunday, WE HAD THEIR WEDDING AND BAPTISM!!!! Everything went great. They were so happy and everything went great. As for the baptism, only the mother Maria and her son Ricardo got baptized. We know that Rodolfo will soon follow. He just said that he didn't feel super ready yet. But he knows that he needs to do it. So that was a great day. Ricardo asked me to baptize him so my companion baptized the Hermana Maria. It was a very busy day but a great day :) Great way to end the change yeah?

So we got word that an Apostol is coming to the mission! I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last letter but D. Todd Christofferson should be here the 17th of Janurary. Stoked!! haha.

So during the christmas activity, Hermana Brough announced that she feels that as a mission, we should read the whole Book of Mormon together before Aprils General Conference. So we started the Book of Mormon this week. I invite you to read it with me!! Try and be done before General Conference in April. It will be fun! I'm excited. I just read about the obedience of Nephi and Laman and Lemuel. Who was more obedient? many say Nephi. But they all 3 were obedient to the commandment to go back and get the plates. Only Nephi had a MUCH better attitude. So how many of us do things were are supposed too, but maybe complain first? Are we like Nephi who say ''oh if its a commandment, I'll do it no problem.'' or are we like Laman and Lemuel who complain first, and THEN do the commandment? something to think about. :)

Welp, that's about it. I hope everyone has an awesome sauce Christmas. Remember the reason we celebrate christmas: to get gifts!! haha. Just kidding. It's to remember Jesus of course. So remember him and spend the holidays nice and safe with your fam bams. Oh and read your scriptures, pray, and laugh everyday!

Elder Yates

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