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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today is Wednesday.

I feel like today is Tuesday because that is usually when we do emails!
Heyyy! So this past week has been great. Lots and lots of new updates. haha.

First of all, the Familia Valles all came to church on Sunday! even the father! and I think they all really liked it. We also talked to them about marriage and they decided to get married!! So we put the date of their marriage the 8th of December. We just need to get the lawyer all ready and get their papers all ready, but they are progressing! Pray for them! When we talked to them they said, we want to get married civil first and after by the church! Saweet we told them. That is fine with us. haha, so they are progressing nicely.

Also, on Sunday, our recent convert David invited his sister and her kids to come to church and they all came! It was great! I think they really liked it too. So that was really cool too. The Lord is blessing us! But please keep praying for us and the people here in Santa Elena Barillas.

Today we had interviews with President Brough. They were great. We hadn't had interviews in a long time. President Brough says that I am doing great and that he is proud of me (which obviously made me feel awesome!). He also told me that these last 6 months of my mission is my time to shine. He said that I am going to start to get really tired and that it is common for a missionary to question if they can make it to the end. But he says that it IS possible and that I am going to need lots and lots of help from my Heavenly Father. But he has faith in me. And I have faith too! I WILL NEVER GET TIRED! hahaha. I hope.....
Other than that nothing too interesting is happening. Our area apparently is set in the middle of a wind channel so everyday our area is SUPER blowy. I promise. It's always windy and it's getting colder and colder so that is different. haha. We are now leaving the house almost everday in long sleeve shirts and sweaters. We have to bundle up! and I thought it never got cold in Guatemala.....

Well I am happy, just know that. There is nowhere I would rather be than right here. Thanks for all your support and prayers. I love you all so much and can't wait to see your beautiful faces again. Stay safe and sweet and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. And don't forget to laugh everyday! I love youuu!!!

Elder Yates

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