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Saturday, December 8, 2012

we have a new little friend‏

Her name is Jazz. She is a lost street dog that now follows us 24/7.

Hey friends and family! Well this last week has been good. It has been kinda hard in some things, but we are working hard. On Saturday we went with our ward mission leader to the house of Familia Valles and talked about the following week. We put the day to get married and even the date to get baptized! It was such a spiritual lesson. The mother, Maria, even made the comment that she would walk to Villa Canales if she had to to get baptized. So we left the lesson super excited! But then Sunday, they didn't show up for church. So we called la Maria and she said that they had a problem and didn't want to get into detail over the phone. But that she wasn't going to be able to come to church. But then randomly she showed up to Sunday School. We tried talking to her and she said that she couldn't and that she only came for a little bit but she needed to get home. We had an appointment with them for yesterday. So yesterday we went by, and she asked us to come by today. We are really nervous as to what happened so I ask that you please pray for them. Satan is attacking them hard right now and we want them to get married and baptized the soonest possible. Your prayers mean alot.
As for our little friend, Elder Finch and I saw this poor little street dog fighting for her little life beucase a bunch of other dogs wanted to break the law of chasitity with her. So we felt bad and shooed them off and gave her some chips that we bought and then continued on our way. Well she has been following us since. When we go into a lesson, she waits outside the door. It's kind of cute, and kind of annoying. But her name is Jazz, (I named her) and she is now our little friend. haha.

We saw 2 fights this week. One was between 2 drunk men and the other was between 2 very big street dogs. They were both very exciting to say the least :)
I sadly could not go to see the Christmas fireside. Our branch had a bus that was going to take us to the stake center but the bus left at like 2 in the afternoon because they all went before to do family history so we couldn't go so early. I heard it was beautiful though. Maybe I'll see it in another occasion :)
Welp, welp, thats about all here. Nothing too exciting. But we are going to the temple next week! Well I love you all and I pray for you and I hope that you all have a great week. Stay safe and say your prayers. Also, don't forget to laugh everyday!
Elder Yates

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