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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh hey palm trees!

wait what? I'm back in the coast!! haha. Oh hey Escuintla. I've missed you.

 So yep. I'm back in Escuintla. Another coast Christmas. haha. But it's great. I actually forgot how much I missed the coast, and it sure is a ton different than Santa Elena (and not just for the weather!). But, I really like it. My new companion is named Elder Acosta and he is from Tampico Mexico and I am going to kill him. haha Just in the mission though. This is his last change so he is going to ''die'' soon and I am going to be his asassain (sp?). He really wants to finish the mission hard so I am going to help him do that. BUT we are in a trio. This past change, about 40 missionaries entered and President Brough didn't have enough areas to put them all. So my OTHER companion is Elder Satini from Tonga. haha. So between us 3, we speak 3 different languages. It's weird being a trio buts its pretty cool. I like it at the same time. But, Elder Satini is just temporary right now because there are a lot of missionaries that are waiting for visas and things like that, so when a spot opens up, he may be the first one out. But we'll have to see. It's going to be a fun change.
We have a lot of investigators here! I forgot about the people in the coast and how easy going they are. They are always like ''yeah! come on in!'' its great and we have quite a few people coming to church so we should be having some baptisms next weekend. I'll keep ya updated on that.

Nothing else too exciting is happening around here. Just trying to get to know the area and the people because I will be getting a new companion next change. I may actaully finish my mission here! How weird, if I do, I will have spent half of my mission in the coast. I guess I'm just a coast missionary! I have always loved the beach....

My Book of Mormon reading is going great! I loved how after Nephi has the vision that he asked to see that his father saw, it says that he came back from ''speaking with the Lord'' and I got thinking, are my prayers a 2 way conversation? We should remember when we pray that it is a conversation between us and the Lord, and not just a one way, us telling the Lord everything, type prayer. We need to talk and listen and respond. In that way, prayer is not only used, but benefitted from. Keep reading your scriptures and let me know of any insights that you have and pick up on! I'd love to hear them!
Well, have a great Christmas everyone. I will be doing the same here in good ol Escuintla. I love you all! Tell someone you love them, give someone a suprise, and pray for someone. Let's think about others this Christmas. Yesterday I had to give a suprise talk and that is what I talked about. Focusing on others during this season when many think about themselves. I promise you'll be happier. :) Until next week! Say your prayers and laugh everyday!
Elder Yates



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