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Sunday, January 20, 2013

computers that freeze are going to be the death of me..

because I just had to spend ten minutes trying to get the computer to work. But! I'm shaking it off. I forgive you computer.

Hey everyone! This week has been great! A little weird, but great! So we have 2 elders in our zone who have to close the area, or in other words, leave it and 2 other missionaries are both going to come and have to open it together. We don't know why, we didn't ask. So President Brough told the 2 missionaries to come with us and work with us in our area until they both go to their new areas. One of the missionaries is Elder Satini! The other is his companion Elder Pierce who entered with me. So Elder Acosta and I have been on divisions in our same area since last Thursday. I have been with Elder Pierce and Elder Acosta has been with Elder Satini. It has been fun living 4 in the house but it gets dirtier a LOT faster :/ oh well. They are going to be with us until tomorrow, but 4 in the area has been great! haha. It's going to be quiet again when they leave.
Also, this past week, I had the opportunity to do divisions with the Elders from Puerta De Hierro. I got to go! I was able to return to my old area and see some members and see some converts. I was able to visit Raul and Arcy whom I married and baptized while I was there. Arcy has a calling in the nursery and they are planning on going to the temple soon! and they said that my Spanish was A LOT better since I was there. I feel it hasn't improved THAT much but I guess it has haha. It was so fun to go back and work in that old area. I hope I can go back again soon! :)
This week, Hermana Susana and her kids were confirmed and it was a great experience. They are so awesome and have real desires to follow the Lord in everyhting they do. I also was asked to play the piano this week in church and well, I can't say no to a calling so I obliged. :) I like playing the piano. It was a good sunday.
At church we also had an hermana show up that wanted to get baptized a long time ago but couldn't because she wasn't married and her husband didn't want to get married. But this past month, they moved apart and now she lives alone! This Sunday she came to church and asked us to pass by that same day. So we did and she wants to get baptized! She told us that she told God that if we passed by on Sunday, it was Gods way of telling her that she needs to get baptized and that if we didn't pass by, she wasn't going to get baptized, so good thing we passed by! Her name is Angela so pray for her!! :) Her baptism is set for the 27th of this month.
Well, my friends thanks for everything. Read your scriptures and pray everyday. I love you and need you to laugh everyday for me ok? :) kgood. I LOVE YOU!!
Elder Yates

Elder Yates, Elder Acosta, Elder Pierce and Elder Satini

Eating Pizza with Elder Acosta

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