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Sunday, January 27, 2013

''...whether it be by the voice of my servants...

...or by my own, it is the same!'' we got to hear the words of God this week through Elder D Todd Christofferson! cool huh?

Hey, hey! So this past week was great! Let me explain.

First, Thursday we had the great opportunity to go to the capital and hear the words of a modern day apostle! D Todd Christofferson spoke to us for like 2 hours! He had no notes, no teleprompters, no nothing, just his scriptures, his mind, and the spirit, and it was great! Wow. His Spanish is REALLY good too. puchica. He spoke to us about repentence. That really, repentence is a change. it's not just confessing our sins. It's a change of heart, and the loss of the desire to sin. Once we can fully repent and lose ALL interest to sin, we're golden. We will be in the fast lane to becoming like Jesus Christ. But getting there is the hard part. haha. So think for a minute about in the ways we commit sin everyday and ask yourself ''what sin would I give up to become like Jesus Christ?'' Would you give up ALL your sins? Think for a minute. It's tough one because it's easy to say yes, but to actually do it? There's the tough part. Getting to the point where the ''yes! I'll do it'' and then doing it is part of our journey here on earth and it is all thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The wife of Elder D Todd Christofferson also spoke to us as well as Elder Martino of the 70 and his wife. They were all great too. I took notes on the things they wrote and I am studying those things. It was a cool experience. And even cooler is that north and south mission were there, BUT only those that are serving in the capital. Our whole mission was able to go; even those serving outside the cap (like me!) so that was neat :)

As for hermana Angela. She's great! She is so awesome. We told her about the word of wisdom and she (was) drinking coffee and tea. We told her it was a requirement to get baptized that she leave those things and she said (translated) ''oh heck. this is going to be hard but today is my last day of drinking those things I guess.'' How cool is that? She is a blessing/miracle from our Heavenly Father. Her baptism will be this Sunday and she is really excited. Pilas!

Though with Angela, we had a little desafio this Sunday. She was sitting there in church and in front of her were the deacons that passed the sacrament and they were acting a little roundbunctious (sp?????).  She got offended and said that she didn't want to get baptized anymore because she goes everyweek to feel the spirit and if she can't feel the spirit, there is no point in getting baptized. Well we dragged all the deacons to her house Sunday after church and they apologized and we talked about the pruebas that she is going to have and she realized that satan is attacking her in ways she wasn't expecting. So we calmed her down and she is happy and contenta again so her baptism is on Sunday. It should be great.

Welp. That's about it. Thanks so much for everything you do. You are a huge support to me and I love you all like a Reeses Fastbreak (which I have been craving lately). Keep being awesome, classy people and read your scriptures. I just finished reading again about the conversion of Alma the younger (or in Spanish Alma hijo). Talking about the message of Elder Christofferson, Alma really had a change of heart and despised wickedness. He also got to the point where he couldn't bear the thought of one of his brothers not being saved. I will get to that point one day. poco a poquito allĂ­ voy. Who wants to come with me? :) Don't forget to say your prayers, do one act of service a day, and laugh everyday. You'll be happier. I promise. Hasta la proxima semana!

Elder Yates 

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