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Sunday, January 6, 2013

sooooo I don't sweat when I sleep anymore!

Because I now have a fan! and I put it right at my head when I sleep so I'm alwayssssss cooooooooolllll :)

HEY!!!!!! So sorry this is coming a day late. Yesterday was our internet day but after district meeting, EVERYTHING was closed. Everything. The streets were empty (except for the passed out drunks) and there was nothing haha. Happy New Year Guatemala. Sooooo they changed it to today. But better late then never right? :)

We had a baptism this weekend!! Her name is Vicky. Her parents want to get baptized too but the father needs to get divorced first from his other wife so he can get married to his wife now; a long and painful process. So their daughter, Vicky, decided to get baptized on Sunday. The baptism went great but getting her to that point wasn't easy. She had the biggest coffee addiction so we gave her morcaf, but she didn't like it. So she had to stop ALL together (like people in the states! eeek! How do they give up coffee without Morcaf?) and she did it! Then she had another big problem but she refused to tell us what it was. So we kept asking her inspired questions and listenting to the spirit and had an AWESOME lesson with her Saturday night. She said that she wanted to get baptized and that the spirit had told her to get baptized, but that she wouldn't get baptized. BUT WHY?? Finally her mother spilled and said that Vicky was worried about having to wear skirts to church after she got baptized and she wasn't to down with that. We told her it wasn't doctrine or anything like that and she was back on board haha. if we had only known.....

I also got to travel to Puerto San Jose this past week to have a meeting with the elders there! It was SOOOOO weird to be back. I feel like I was just there haha. and puchica. The heat hasn't changed a bit. I was sweating the minute I got off the bus. haha.

So I lost a companion this past week. Elder Satini has officially left us. An area opened up and he and another missionary were sent there last Saturday. que triste. But thats life. He is going to be a great missionary there. It's quiet now in our house with just 2 of us. haha.
Life is going great. I am working hard and having fun. Enjoying the heat. We have a lot of investigators that are progressing but they aren't married. So we need them to hop on the marriage train and get hitched. It'll be a better life we tell them. and we also tell them that all the cool kids are living the commandments. Most are on board. Now time to actually fill out the papers.... its going to be fun!

I heard rumors! rumors rumors are no fun, they say. oh no wait. Thats secrets huh? oh well. These are fun rumors! So I heard that through all the changes that are happening in the mission, Elder Finch's companion got changed and now Elder Finch is training!! haha. I'm a grandpa! How weird. pilas pues. I also heard that he put a baptismal date with Rodolfo Valles and also the other son Nicxon, who was NEVER in the house when I was visiting them. I'm so excited for them! yay! So pray for them! I love the Fam Valles. they are such a special family to me.
Well friends family and extra-terrestriales thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Keep reading the scriptures and saying your prayers. Have a happy new year and make it your best year ever. I hope everyone made goals for this year. Listen to the spirit and laugh everyday. See you all in about 5 months! :) 143.

Elder Yates

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