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Sunday, January 13, 2013

La Semana Perfecta‏

Or the perfect week has passed! It was a week where EVERY companionship had to complete with the goals of the mission. And my companion and I did it!! :)

So the perfect week has come to end! The goals for the week were to have at least ONE baptism, 22 lessons and 5 with recent converts, 12 new investigators, 8 investigators in church, and 35 contacts a day for a total of 245 in the week. Me and my companion had 3 baptisms, 46 lessons and 6 with recent converts, 34 new investigators, 18 investigators in church, and 620 contacts. I am saying this not to brag, but to show you the results of a tired missionary. haha. My comp and I decided to give EVERYTHING to the Lord this past week and be faithful and obedient (and wake up at 4 in the morning! whaaaaa...???). We were very blessed! We are blessed when we do what the Lord says, and when we do not what he says, we have no promise. That's what the scritpure says. Anyways, we are taking this drive that we have now and putting it into effect everyday! We have got to raise our game! :)
So likeIi mentioned above, we had baptisms on Sunday! A single mother named Susana and her 2 kids Carlos and Carmen got baptized on Sunday! It was a beautiful service and they were so happy. The mother, Susana, started to cry after her baptism because she was so happy. I got to baptize Carlos. I WOULD have sent pictures but I'm a Forgetful Freddy and I left my camera at home. Oopsy. Next week? You betcha.
Everything is going good here really. Today is already the 8th (19 months today! say whaaaa...???) and I feel like yesterday was Christmas. Time is going by so fast. That just means I need to take advantage of everyday! Lo haré! :) I'm excited for this change. We are having lots of fun and working hard and sweating up a storm! (and not just because we are on the coast!) so it's good. Just know that I love you all and invite all of you to read the Book of Mormon and pray everyday. Listen to the spirit and laugh everyday. And as Travis Woodburn said in his farewell talk ''be kind to people, it's a happier way of life.'' HEARRRRD THAT! and there is so much truth to that. Love you!
Elder Yates

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