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Sunday, February 10, 2013

changes during the change

yesterday we had changes!! ....during the change.
Soooo because so many are entering the mission everything is all weird now with the week changes happen and stuff. We had a change meeting yesterday in which 20 something new missionaries entered the mission and not one person went home (until the 19th). The cool and weird thing is 17 of the newbies are Guatemalans. They are serving in their own countries! It's kind of a blessing to really know your own people and be able to serve them. So it was kind of a weird change meeting because the only people that went, were those that are training! One of them is Elder Finch! again! haha. He is on his second trainee already. I have 2 grandhchildren. How cool is that? haaa. So that was pretty neat.

We split our area! The mission is growing so much that we arent going to be able to fit anymore  missionaries, so they are splitting the areas. There are now 2 more missionaries in Golondrinas which is going to be a huge help in the branch. We'll have to see what other changes come!!!

Today we had zone training. We learned alot about faith and hope. Faith is great because it is a believe in God, but hope is the optimism and enthusiasm that shows and demonstrates faith. As a zone in Escuintla, we had a lot of baptismal dates fall through in the month of January and lots of missionaries were kinda disanimated about that. So the topic was hope. Don't worry! God will bless us. We just need to be diligent and obedient and happy. The blessings will come. The zone is a lot more animated now. I'm excited for the month of Febraury. :)

Welp. I don't have much more time. I love you all lots and lots, read everyday and pray, and don't forget to laugh everyday as well!

Elder Yates


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