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Sunday, February 3, 2013

With sweat on my face and my eyes on the prize‏

I make my way through Puerto San Jose. divisions today woop woop!
Hola! Hola is Spanish for hello. fyi :) ah pues. How is everyone doing this week? Super fantastical? I hope so because there isn't a single reason in the whole world to not be happy always. If you're unhappy, count your many blessings!

This past week was awesome! We saw a lot of miracles this week. We originally had scheduled the bapism of Angela but we also had another baptism this week too! We learned this past week that there is a ''member'' that comes every week (named Mario Lobos) but turns out when he got baptised, his record never got filed so he doesn't appear on the records of the church. The solution: baptism. We talked to him on Thursday and he agreed so we had his baptism on Sunday as well. We were also planning the baptism of little boy who ALWAYS comes to church with his recent convert uncle BUT Sunday in the morning, he drank coffee. and NOT morcafe. café normal. freak. soooooo his baptism will be NEXT week. Also, there is an area in our zone that was closed (or the missionaries were taken out for security reasons) and before the missionaries left, they had put a baptismal date with a man who wanted to get baptized for the 27th of this month. But then they left the area and the man (Jorge) continued going to church and kept his baptismal date in his mind. So they called us the night before and told us that he still wanted to get baptized. So my companion and I did divisions and my companion went and taught him EVERYTHING in about an hour and a half and then the district leader came and did the interview and he passed! pilas huh? So he was baptized as well this past Sunday. It was a great day. In our district (3 companionships, or 6 elders) we had 10 baptisms on Sunday and 16 for the month of January. So it was a great week for baptisms.
Yesterday we went to zone conference, for that reason we didn't email yesterday. Zone conference was great. As a mission in January we had 211 baptisms. Our goal was a lot more, but President Brough says that that is a great number and we should never get disanimated about not reaching our goals. We should just evaluate and plan better how we can reach them the next time. So we are going to be having some pretty big goals for the next coming months that I am really excited to be a part of. It is going to a great couple of months and a great way to go out of the mission. I'm excited.

Everything is going great here. I want to give big shout out thank you to the Fallon 4th ward primary and missionaries that are serving in Fallon 4th ward for the christmas pictures! They were great and I really appreciate them. Also, thank you Grma for the box full of goodies. (secret: she is the best Grma in the whole world) they are great and I'm excited to eat them. :)

My companion and I went to McDonalds on Monday for pday and I saw 2 gringos there! But I was too scared to talk to them so I didn't rendering this little story in its entirety useless. I was shocked to see white people. I'm scared as to how I will be when I get back. Best not think about that right?

Ok well thank you so much for everything. I love you all with my mind, might, heart, and strength. Keep working hard and praying and reading your Book of Mormon before April. You'll be so blessed by completing with this call of the prophet. Much love. Keep strong in the faith and don't fall. Remember that Jesus loves you and knows you. You are never alone. Oh and laugh everyday for me ok? Thanks a bunch and I'll send pictures next week! 143.
Elder Yates

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