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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The war chapters in the Book of Mormon would be rated R if it was a movie

Hey, Hey, Hey! How's it going ya'llllll?? (Texas accent) Everything is going good here. We are working hard always and living large.

So we had interviews on Friday! They went superb. President told me that I am doing good and that he is proud of me. :D He also told me to enjoy the coast becuase he is pretty sure that I am not going to finish my mission here...... :O I really thought this was my last area. It makes me happy and sad. I have come to love the coast. Really. I love the heat and the people. But, I would LOVE to go to the mountains. It would be fantastical. So I started praying that I finish in the mountains ;) I also was able to ask President if he sees me training again in the future (I like training) and he said he thinks so. :D So im pretty stoked for that. Training is bomb like Donkey Kong. I promise. The mission is the best. So interviews went great.

We also got a new companion this week! haha. With so many changes going on in the mission, the Lord saw it fit to put me and Elder Acosta back into a trio. Our new companion right now is Elder Gomez from Honduras. He actually entered the mission field with me so we have about the same time. It's good. He's here to work hard and have fun. So that's a great blessing. Being in a trio though sure is weird!....
Yesterday we went to Antigua!! Antigua was great. I bought some stuff and went to tons of old ruins, including an old preserved Catholic Church. It was beautiful and I learned so much. I also got some great pictures and had fun with the zone. Antigua is a great place. Who wants to visit it with me after the mission?! :)
So I was going to send pictures but the computers that we are using today are super, super sketch. Mejor no. I don't want to get a virus (for the umpteenth time) so I will send them next week when we are using better computers.

So, I am reading right now in the Book of Mormon all the war chapters. It mentions many times that all the things written in the Book of Mormon are of great worth so I have been pondering alot about how the war chapters are of great worth. Well, Jesus in the Bible always uses parables. In reality, the wars chapters are a big actual parable. The Amalikites are Satan and temptation and we are the Nefites. What does Moroni do to prevent enemy attacks? He fortifies the citys so that when the Amalikites come, they are powerless. They can't reach the Nefites. We must be the same. We must prepare ourselves in easy times so that when the hard times come (like breaking the law of chastity or word of wisdom) we know how to react. We know wha to do. We can stay calm because we know that sin has NO power of us, rather that we have control over sin. We must be strong and we can never stop fortifying ourselves! We must ALWAYS read the scrptures, pray, and go to church. They are essential! So my invitation is that we can never stop preparing ourselves. Today is the day. Start now! yeah! :)

I love you all lots and lots. Keep being awesome, study hard and play harder. Say your prayers and laugh everyday. Have a great week!

Elder Yates

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