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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

oh, goodbye palm trees‏

:( the secrets out. I have changes. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
So tomorrow we have a change meeting and I will be showing up because I am leaving Escuintla. :(((( super sad face to the max. because that means that I will be arriving at my last area !!! side note. I got a phone call from Mr. President Brough this week saying that I am going to be training again. This will be my 5th time training and will make me one of the missionaries that has trained the most in his mission. What is the Lords will for me? I'll find out tomorrow!!!!!

So another big announcement! Familia Alvisuris got baptized! ...except for the Dad no. He didn't feel ready yet. SO Hermana Hayde and two of her kids, Marco and Josue got baptized on Sunday. Hermana Hayde and Hermanito Josue asked me to baptize them. :) con mucho gusto les dije yo. It was great. Also, remember Hermana Susana and her kids that got baptized in January? Welp, her second to youngest son, Jorge, turned 8 last week and asked me to baptize him! So his baptizm was Sunday too. It was great. What a great day. The weird part of Sunday, an investigator from the other missionaries left church on Sunday and headed for his house and went to cross the street in front of the church and got ran over. That was weird considering it was an investigator I found with Elder Acosta who is planning on getting baptized soon. BUT don't fret my friends because he walked away from the accident ok, very very injured, but ok. Please pray for him!

I'm so excited about conference. There are so many specualtions as to what's going to happen and other big annoucements that there will be. But I am so excited. I want to hear your thoughts about conference and what talks you liked and things like that please and thank you. Talking about big announcements, the First Presidency has announced that a missionary is now allowed to email ANY person, not just family, that means I can email YOU. But, dont get mad if I don't at first because well, I still don't have a lot of time. but it'll be quicker than a letter. With that said, my email is I'd love to hear how your doing!!!

Walp, that's about it. Familia Pacheco is giong to get baptized on Sunday, but I won't be here. :( but I'm sure my next area has tons and tons of work for me :) I love you so much. Keep reading the Book of Mormon!! and watch EVERY session of conference, they are all amazing. :) laugh everyday, and listen to the spirit.

Elder Yah-tes

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