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Sunday, April 14, 2013

where in the world is Elder Yates...

He is in the capital! again! haha.

So my new area is called Guajitos and it is in the capital in the zone Nimajuyu. It's a good little area. It's small and dense; somehting I'm not to used to, but it's great. I'm training! My companion is Elder Orrillo from...... Peru, haha, another Peruvian. Being with Elder Montero and Elder Garcia for 6 weeks has helped me to understand them better haha. He is a great little guy, very humble and very ready to learn. He asks me permission to do everything!! seriously, but its fun. The first day we were walking and I heard him mumble to himself ''Wow! I'm with a real Northamerican as my companion.'' haha. We have high hopes for this change. So stay tuned!

I have to say I really miss Escuintla, that little city holds a special place in my heart. I love the people and culture there so much. I miss it. I can honestly say that it has been my favorite area so far. It was wonderful. I got word that Familia Pacheco was baptized on Sunday. yay! It's sad that I wasnt there but thats not really what matters right? the people were so sad to hear that I was leaving and honestly I was just as sad.  I know that I am in my new area for a reason. I just need to work hard and I will be able to figure out that reason.

Conference was spectacular! I loved the preisthood session talk by President Uchtdorf. wow! and I loved Jefferey R Hollands talk,and how about those announcements: a temple in Cedar City, Utah! How cool is that! and get a load of how many new missionaries there are! 65 thousand! the work is BOOMING!!! I was blessed to watch conference in my native tongue of English so I got to hear the words how they were spoken. I loved the talk by Enrique R Falabella, he is the area President here in Central America so we get to meet with him frequnetly and hear from him. I loved his talk and it was cool to hear him speak in English. He did a pretty good job huh? :)

So things here are going good. I have high goals for the end on my mission. I plan to work hard and baptize. I love you all so much. I appreciate your support. You're awesome. Keep being awesome and working hard and remember that every member is a misisonary. Help the missionaries! Be a missionary! Your'e awesome and will be blessed. See ya all in just over 2 months!! :)
Elder Yates

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