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Sunday, June 3, 2012


I got to experience a bit of their culture yesterday!

HEY EVERYONE! so this week was a great and bad. I'll explain. I have seen God's hand and Satan's hand this week. The day after Jose got baptized, he lost his job. Mery was sooooo worried because they didn't have any money to pay for the food. She was giving what they had left to the kids and they were going hungry. So obviously she was praying a lot for a miracle. Pedid y recibirĂ©is (ask and ye shall receive) says the scriptures. On Thursday, the father of her kids called and said he was going to drop off money with her to pay for food for the kids (God), and some of the members decided to put a little care package together full of necessities they need like bread and flour and sugar (God). We visited her and her tears couldn't stay in. She was so grateful. That same day, Jose got a job (God)! Unfortunately, he had training for this job Saturday, Sunday and Monday so he couldn't go to church on Sunday to get confirmed (Satan). But at least he has a job. Then on Sunday, Mery shows up and tells us that Jose got in a fight with another member of the house where they are living. They are only renting a room of a house and he got in a fight with another member (because this member is a drunk 20 year old who comes home high everyday) and they kicked them out (Satan). They have only a couple days to find another house to move into. We are helping like crazy but haven't been able to find anything. So pray for them. I know God will provide but we need to be diligent and obedient so he can bless us. And your prays would certainly help.

As for other news, yesterday was P-day! And yesterday, as a Zone, we went to Tecpan. It is up high in the mountains of Guatemala. Mostly, native people live there and the most common language is Kakchikel. Everyone speaks Spanish too, but Kakchikel is more widely spoken and I don't understand a word! Ha! But we went to go see and explore old Mayan ruins. The place we went is called Iximché. It was very cool! There were even native people there doing a fire ritual and we wanted to take pictures but they said it was too sacred and they got mad at us. But it was still cool. We got to see how the Mayans lived. That experience was very awesome.

This week, we had a lesson with a new Hermana named Marta Julia. During the lesson, her father in law was sleeping in a hammock. He woke up half way through the lesson and we soon realized that he was drunk. He started singing and playing his guitar in the hammock during the lesson. Only that his ''guitar'' was a stick. but he was strumming it like a guitar and singing. Haha it was hilarious. Marta Julia was so embarrased. It was a fun lesson.

Also this week, we met with a less active member that is slowly reactivating himself. He was inactive when I got here but now he is going to church thanks to our support he said. His name is Vidal. Something that he told me that really hit me hard was that he felt that we had known each other in the pre-existence and that I had promised him that I would come and reactivate him in this life. I really thought was cool and I admired his faith. It was something that really stuck with me I feel the same of course :)

Well, that's about it here. This is the last week of this change so I'm going to finish it out HARD. :) Diligence and obedience, just like Peter and John in the Bible. Everyone read Acts 5:41 and 42. My new favorite scriptures. ''that they were considered worthy to suffer shame for His Name.'' I love it. I feel honored to suffer for my Savior Jesus Christ because he suffered for me more than I can imagine. The mission is pretty cool huh? I think so too. I love you all. Just remember the steps to success: read, ponder, pray, listen.

Elder Yates






Elder Horrocks and Elder Yates at Iximche

Elder Yates and Elder Loayza at Iximche

My Zone at Iximche

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